When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 88

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 88 – Avery did not return to Elliot’s mansion, nor did she visit the sick Elliot. This time, Avery was astonishingly cruel. Besides her, another person also had also treated Elliot ruthlessly.


As Avery had never returned to Elliot’s mansion, nor did she show any concern for him as he lay in the hospital bed, Ben would come every day and give him daily updates on Avery’s daily activities. For example, today Avery had gone to Trust Capital and had a great morning with Charlie, or they had visited an art exhibition and had lunch together.

It did not matter if the two of them had gone to an art exhibition or not, and it did not matter if they really had lunch together. What truly mattered was that Elliot must be angered, as that was the only thing guaranteeing that he cooperated.

If Elliot was still sick, he could not take revenge.

Ben used his understanding of Elliot to make him live in misery every day. Eventually, Elliot’s condition began to improve under the control of m********n. Although he still looked pale and weak, and had not recovered from coughing, he was determined to get out. The reason for his desire to leave the hospital was that Ben had told him that Charlie was taking Avery to an AI technology event.

These days, Elliot thought about many things as he lay in bed. To be frank, his memory of Charlie was not that clear, but this illness made him recall the past.

Charlie was a refined speculator and egoist. He carefully calculated his every move, whether it was making friends or doing things, so as to maximize the benefits and reduce the harm that he would experience. Additionally, he was good at disguise. He would be smiling even when facing an enemy, and just when his enemy thought he was admitting defeat and lowered his guard against him, Charlie would take the opportunity to stab him ruthlessly.

He and Elliot had drifted apart not only because they were incompatible, but they had also drifted apart because of their different investment ideas. Charlie would do anything for money, and he was good at wooing the powerful and money laundering. Even though Elliot would also do anything for profit, Elliot had his own lines, and there were some types of money that he would not touch even if it were to be right in front of him.

Avery and Charlie were getting close. Sooner or later, she would be pulled into the abyss by Charlie.

“Elliot, the doctor said you have to stay in bed for at least a week before going out,” said Ben. “It’s cold outside today, and there’s a strong wind. You’ll definitely get sicker if you go out.”

The doctor nodded vigorously beside him.

Elliot went to the closet, pulled out a gray woolen coat, and put it on.

Ben shook his head at the doctor.

This meant Elliot would go out regardless of what anyone said.

Today’s AI technology exhibition was an exhibition for the upper class, and there were only fifty seats at the exhibition site. However, the stage was massive, and there would be a grand and eye-opening AI technology exhibition.

Charlie had got two tickets and invited Avery, who agreed without much thought. She had not dabbled in this much in the past, but she was intrigued.

The exhibition started at 2 p.m.

At noon, Charlie had taken Avery to an upscale restaurant. She had agreed to all of Charlie’s requests in the past few days – whether it be for fun or to dine together. They had pleasant conversations every time they had met, but Charlie could feel that her attention was not entirely on him.

Avery’s eyes were always dull, and if she liked him, there should be a luster in them.


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