When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 49

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 49 – “Mr. Foster, are your legs alright without the wheelchair?” Chad asked gently.

He knew that Elliot had not used the wheelchair today as he had not wanted there to be any obstructions while he was on his date with Avery.

Him having to roll the wheelchair would have definitely been a bad experience for Avery.

It was a shame that she did not appreciate his boss’s thoughtfulness.

Elliot pushed Ben and Chad aside.

His expression was cold as he curtly said, “I’m fine.”

“Let’s go have a drink, Elliot!” Ben said as he grabbed onto Elliot’s arm once again. “Charlie Tierney’s around, so let’s get him to join us.”

Elliot’s ominous expression concerned Ben.

Charlie was Chelsea’s older brother.

Ben was the one who called Charlie when Chelsea angered Elliot.

The Tierney family business was based in Rosacus City.

As the heir to the Tierney empire, Chalice spent most of his time in Rosacus.

After a moment of silence, Elliot said, “No.”

He made his way to the elevator. He did not walk quickly, but his strides were sure and stable.

Although his love life was a mess, his legs were recovering quite well.

Elliot arrived home at seven thirty that evening.

Mrs. Cooper immediately brought Avery’s gift to him and said, “Madam Avery prepared a gift for you, Master Elliot.”

The box was quite heavy, and Elliot wondered what it was.

“Is she home?” he asked.

“She is,” Mrs. Cooper responded. “She went back to her room to write her thesis after dinner.”

Elliot pursed his lips and examined the gift box.

Had she bought him a gift after she had realized how rude she was?

It was only fair that everyone got a second chance.

Avery’s initiative to buy him a gift made the rage in his heart dissipate slightly.

Elliot slowly opened up the box, revealing the book inside of it.

This book had an eye-catching title.

It was called “The Art of Anger Management”, and it had a picture of a lush ginseng plant for a cover.

Elliot’s brows furrowed tightly.

Was this Avery’s idea of an apology?!

Did she genuinely want to apologize to him, or did she think he was narrow-minded and wanted to continue to test his limits?!

The smile on Mrs. Cooper’s face also vanished upon seeing the book.

She took back the praise she threw at Avery earlier.

“I’ll go get Madam Avery so she can explain the meaning behind her gift. I’m sure she didn’t mean any harm,” Mrs. Cooper said as she tried to come up with an excuse for Avery.

“Forget it!” Elliot hissed through gritted teeth, then slammed the book on the table.

Avery’s heart tightened when she heard the commotion from her room.

There was a reason why she bought that book for Elliot.

One of her professors had recommended it to her, and she already read the whole thing herself.

She found the book to be enlightening and helpful for her mental and physical health.

It opened her mind, and she believed that an open mind can lead to better emotional health.

One might not live forever if one got angry less, but it could at least prevent some illnesses.

Was that not great?

What was he getting angry about again?

Did he think her gift was too cheap?

She did not have much money to buy him anything expensive.

Avery’s heart raced and uneasiness overcame her. She hesitated over whether or not to go downstairs and talk to Elliot.

At that moment, the door to her room burst open, and Elliot’s tall and muscular figure appeared before her.


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