When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 45

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 45 – Avery did not know whether to laugh or cry.

“Relax… I was forced into it. When our family was struggling with money, my stepmother married me off for the engagement gifts and cash. I’m still waiting to get a divorce!”

“What the h**l was she thinking?!” Tammy exclaimed. “Why didn’t you tell me sooner? We should go to the police!”

Avery reached out to calm her down, then said, “It’s not as bad as you think. We’re from two completely different worlds, so we should get divorced anytime now.”

Tammy was still not convinced.

“Who is he? Tell me… You husband… D*mn it! I still think this is insane!”

“It is pretty nuts. I’ll tell you who he is after we’re divorced.”

“Absolutely not! You need to tell me right now! I’ll stand up for you!”

Avery knew about Tammy’s bad temper all too well.

If she found out about Elliot, she would definitely go after him.

Her relationship with Elliot was already on the rocks, and Tammy’s involvement would just add fuel to the fire.

“Just focus on looking into Jun Hertz for now! I’ll definitely tell you who my husband is after that,” Avery said, trying to negotiate with her best friend.

“Ha! Look at how easily you called him your husband. I bet you call him ‘Honey’ all the time!” Tammy teased.

Avery’s cheeks flushed. She sighed, then said, “As if he would respond to that. He was forced into this, too.”

“Really? Here I thought you were whisked away and forced into marriage by some sleazebag-“

“Hey! I think you’ve watched too many soap operas! It’s not like that at all!”

Tammy shook her head and said sympathetically, “It looks like that senior in your department lost his chance. You know he likes you, right?”

The expression on Avery’s face froze.

“Alright! Don’t look at me like that… I know you don’t like him like that. I’ll talk to him…” Tammy said, then changed the subject and added, “Let’s go to a recital after this! There’s one at the Philharmonic Hall today!”

Avery suddenly received a text message from an unknown number, but its contents sounded oddly familiar.

[The bodyguard will pick you up at 4 p.m.]

The text was signed “Elliot Foster”.

Did this unfamiliar phone number belong to Elliot?

Why was the bodyguard picking her up?

“Did you hear what I said, Avery? There’s a recital this afternoon…” Tammy said as she reached out to pinch Avery’s cheek.

“What time is the recital?” Avery asked as she put her phone away.

She suddenly felt hot and took a big gulp of water.

“Four thirty,” Tammy answered. “It’s your favorite piano virtuoso, Ricardo!”

Avery lifted her hand and massaged her aching temples, then said, “I really want to go! Really! But I have something to do at four!”

“What is it? Can’t you just cancel or something?’

“I can’t.”

Tammy rolled her eyes, then said, “I get it! It’s your husband, isn’t it?”

Avery covered her face with her hands. Her silence was a confirmation.

“Why do you care so much about him anyway? Who is he? Is he more important than I am? Can’t you just ditch him and come to the recital with me?” Tammy huffed.

“Of course, you’re more important, but I’m a little afraid of him.”

“What’s there to be afraid of? Is he going to beat you up if you don’t follow his every whim?”

Avery took another gulp of water.

“You’re such a wimp! You won’t even tell me who he is. Serves you right, getting bullied by him!”

Tammy felt bad for Avery’s situation, but she could not help but be furious at her cowardice.

The bodyguard picked Avery up from campus at four in the afternoon.

The car stopped at the car park of the Philharmonic Hall twenty minutes later.

Avery felt lightheaded as the bodyguard led her into the concert hall. “Elliot wants to take me to a recital?”


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