When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 43

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 43 – Why was Elliot asking about art galleries and recitals?

What led to this massive change in taste?

“Pick something that a woman in her early twenties would like,” Elliot said.

Chad finally understood where all of this was going.

“Of course, sir. I’ll send you the tickets once they’re booked.”

Elliot was not in his office at Sterling Group the next morning.

Ben and Chad seized the opportunity to gossip about their boss.

“Mr. Foster might as well have told me straight up that he wanted to take Avery out,” Chad said with a chuckle. “I wonder what happened between them. I didn’t expect things to progress so quickly. I thought they were getting a divorce!”

Ben was analyzing the situation, then said, “I’m guessing they slept together. Elliot is a stone-cold b*st*rd, but after sleeping with Avery, I bet he couldn’t control his urges even if he hated her to d***h.”

“Chelsea would lose her mind if she found out,” said Chad.

“Don’t tell her. She’s spent the past few nights getting drunk, hoping that Elliot would feel bad for her…” Ben sighed. “Who would’ve thought that she would lose to Avery Tate.”

“Fate is a mystery to us all. I wonder why Mr. Foster postponed his whole schedule today,” Chad mused.

“Don’t look question his personal matters,” Ben advised.

Chad shook his head and said, “I wouldn’t dare.”

There was a lecture by internationally renowned neurology expert, James Hough at Avonsville University that day.

Avery arrived at the auditorium early that morning to get a spot.

She did not manage to get the front low seat even though she was early. So she settled with a spot a few rows behind.

The talk went on from 10 a.m. to 11.30 a.m. that morning.

Once the lecture ended, Avery rushed toward the exit.

She greatly admired Professor Hough and wanted to take this rare opportunity to meet him and ask him a question.

She followed the professor’s entourage all the way to the administrative building, where she noticed a black luxury sedan parked at the entrance.

Luxury cars like this were a rare sight no matter the time and place.

Moreover, it was the exact same model as the one Elliot owned.

It was too bad that she did not remember his number plate, so there was no way of confirming whether the car was his or not.

“Why would he come here anyway?” Avery mumbled to herself, then walked into the administrative building.

Avery was approaching the Dean’s office when she noticed the man standing in front of the entrance to be Elliot’s bodyguard.

Holy c**p!

Did this mean that the car she saw really was Elliot’s?

What was he doing here?

Why would he come to the medical college?

Avery was curious and walked straight toward the office entrance.

“Miss Tate?”

The bodyguard recognized her and reached out to grab her.

“What are you doing here?” he asked.

“I should be asking you that question. This is where I go to college. Is Elliot here?”

She shook off the bodyguard’s grip and looked into the room.

There were three people in there, namely Professor Hough, his assistant, and Elliot.

Was Elliot here to see the professor? What for? Was he sick?


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