When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 108

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 108 – The villa was located halfway up the hill.

There was a winding but smooth road starting at the bottom of the hill that led straight to the villa.

From there onwards, however, there were no roads leading to the top of the hill.

It was already dark out when Elliot had begun his journey from the villa.

Using his flash as a torchlight, he hurried up the hill.

He was worried for Avery’s safety.

Charlie had bad intentions when it came to Avery, and Elliot was terrified of what might happen to her if he was too late.

He would never have allowed Avery to come alone if he knew about Charlie’s evil plans.

Half an hour later, Elliot was breathing heavily, but it was nothing compared to the h**l his legs were going through.

His doctor had ordered him not to do any extraneous activities for the next six months.

He was only allowed to walk normally and not for long periods of time either.

Activities like hiking that wore out the knees were out of the question and carried extreme risks.

The cold wind rustled the leaves of the trees in the darkness.

Elliot was forced to come to a halt as he began to feel a sharp pain in the lower half of his body.

He tried to call his bodyguard, but there was still no signal.

He could make his way down the hill. The little energy he had left would allow him to do that much.

However, he did not have that thought, not even for a second.

He powered through his discomfort and continued up the hill.

He had to find Avery and bring her safely down the hill.

It was at that moment that Elliot met with an accident…

His aching legs could no longer support him, causing him to lose his balance and fall backward.

As he fell, he did not think of how afraid he felt, nor did he think of d***h. The only thought in his mind was Avery’s face.

Her smile, her tears, the way her brows furrowed when she was angry, her calm composure…

It was all Avery.

Fear only struck him at the very end, when he thought of what Charlie Tierney might be doing to her!

He fell into a bottomless pit of darkness.

The sharp, blunt thuds that rang in his ears were the sounds of him hitting against hard rocks and branches.

He had no idea what he was falling into, nor did he know if this was how he would meet his doom.

“Elliot! Can you hear me? Elliot Foster!” Avery yelled at the top of her lungs into the silent darkness. “I didn’t go up there! Elliot! I’m right here!”

“We’re coming for you, boss!” cried Elliot’s bodyguard. “Say something if you hear us! Say something! We’ll come get you!”

Their calls were met with nothing but an unsettling breeze and eerie silence.

The further Avery walked, the more terrified she became.

The path up the hill was impossibly steep!

She was only able to make her way up from holding on to the bodyguard’s arm.

With Elliot’s legs still recovering, why would he come to a place like this?!

Why would he dare?!

How could he?

Hot tears escaped from the corners of Avery’s eyes.

“Elliot!” she cried through gasping sobs.

The bodyguard felt Avery was slowing down his progress, so he shook her off and said, “Wait right here. I’ll go look for him!”

He then turned away and continued to walk up the hill.

Avery wiped the tears off her face and resumed her way up the difficult path.

She could not stand around and do nothing!

It was impossible!

She had to find Elliot!

She had to tell him herself that she did not walk up that hill! She had to tell him that, even if she did go there, he should not have taken such a big risk to go after her!

Was he not an intelligent person?

Where did all of his intelligence go?!

What about his reason?

Did everything disappear into thin air?!

Avery’s tears blurred her vision again and again.


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