When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 107

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 107 – Charlie patted down his wrinkled shirt, then snapped coldly, “I’m not his bodyguard, Chelsea! I don’t have time to keep tabs on him! Go look for him yourself!”

Chelsea violently punched Charlie in the chest and shrieked, “I can’t reach his phone, and I can’t find him! His bodyguard doesn’t know where he is either! Stop pretending! You installed that signal blocker on purpose! This is all part of your crazy plan!”

Charlie clasped a hand over her mouth and he flung her over his shoulder with the other.

“Listen to me, Chelsea! I have to lock you in your room for now. You won’t suffer again after tonight!”

Back in the banquet hall, Avery shot to her feet.

The uneasiness in her heart rose as she took in the unfamiliar faces around her.

She pulled out her phone and noticed Elliot’s missed calls and text message which read: [Look for me when you see this! I’ll be in the banquet hall!]

Avery was in the banquet hall, but where was Elliot?

She tried calling him, but her call was immediately rejected.

Was the south wing not the only place with no signal?

With her suspicions rising, she walked out of the banquet hall to see a tall figure in black approaching her in a hurry.

“Did you see the boss?!” cried Elliot’s bodyguard with panic written all over his face.

“No! Isn’t he with you?!” Avery asked as her chest tightened and paranoid thoughts filled her mind. “I tried calling but I couldn’t reach him. There’s no signal here!”

“I bet Charlie Tierney used a signal blocker! I don’t know where the boss went. I didn’t even notice he was gone until Miss Chelsea ran over to ask me where he was!”

Avery clenched her fists tightly as she recalled the dark expression on Chelsea’s face when she had approached Charlie.

“Charlie… I’m going to look for Charlie!” Avery stammered.

“I’ll go with you!”

When they arrived at the south wing of the villa, Elliot’s bodyguard charged toward one of Tierney’s guards and grabbed his throat.

“Where is Charlie Tierney?! Take me to him!”

Avery immediately shoved Elliot’s bodyguard aside and said, “How is he supposed to talk with you strangling him?!”

Elliot’s bodyguard then let go of his hand.

The Tierney family’s bodyguard coughed violently and gasped, “How would I know where Mr. Tierney is? I’m just in charge of guarding the south wing… I don’t know anything…”

“Did you see Elliot Foster come by, then?” Avery pried.

She felt a strong sense of foreboding in her heart.

Elliot had tried calling her all afternoon and even sent her a text. He had been waiting for her the whole time.

He must have known where she was and came looking for her.

Noticing the change in the Tierney family’s guard’s expression, Elliot’s bodyguard kicked him to the ground and roared, “Where is my boss?! I’m running out of patience. You have three seconds! Three… two…”

“He went up the hill!” cried the Tierney family’s guard as he pointed toward the dark outdoors. “He went that way!”

“F*k! Why would he go up there? As if he’d run out in the dark!” yelled Elliot’s bodyguard as he planted his foot on the guard’s head. “Spit it out! F*cking tell me!”

Avery’s heart was thumping wildly in her chest and her eyes were brimming with tears.

It had not been long since Elliot stopped using his wheelchair.

He was in no shape to hike up that hill, especially not in pitch darkness.

“He… He went up… To look for… Miss Tate,” stammered the Tierney family’s guard before passing out.


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