The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 997

Read The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 997 – At Donghai City’s Eternal Life Palace branch.

Chester and Dax chatted and drank in the main hall.

“What is up with Darryl? Why is he involved with this lady host?” Dax asked as he looked at his phone and read the Internet comments; they seemed to blame Darryl. He said helplessly, “Darryl attacked her? You may beat me to d***h, and I still won’t believe it. These people are so stupid; how can they simply frame someone for it?”

The news about Dora’s d***h had spread everywhere, and everyone pointed their finger at Darryl.

Chester sighed. “Cyberbullying has gotten even more serious these days.”

Dax suddenly got anxious. “What should we do? How can we help Darryl?”

Chester shook his head. “What can we do? We can’t predict the power of online comments; it’s not like we can k**l them with knives and guns. If someone created a rumor, then others might follow suit. There is nothing we can do.”

‘F*ck!’ Dax swore discreetly at Chester’s words.

Buzz! Buzz!

At that moment, Chester’s phone vibrated. He looked at it and saw that it was from Shelly.

Shelly was in the clinic with many patients, so how did she have the time to call him? Did something happen?

Chester was about to pick up the call, but before he could answer, it was dropped. When Chester called her back, the phone had been switched off.

‘Her phone is switched off?’ Chester sweated profusely. Then, he stood up suddenly.

Dax realized that his expression was off, so he immediately asked, “Chester, what happened?”

Chester took a deep breath. “I think something might have happened to Shelly. I need to go to the clinic.”

Then, he quickly left.

Dax’s expression darkened. There was no time for further questions, so he quickly followed suit.

It was three in the afternoon when the two brothers rushed to the Eternal Life Clinic. When they entered the building, they were stunned. Shelly was not there.

Chester immediately panicked; his heart pounded. He tried to call her phone again. However, her phone was still switched off.

“Where could she be?”

His heart got more and more troubled.

“Master, Mistress went to save someone. A small girl came in and said that an injured person was in grave danger. A few disciples followed her as well,” one of the disciples said with trepidation.

Chester was utterly furious. “Did I not tell you not to let her leave the clinic?”

“Mistress insisted on leaving; we could not stop her!” The remaining disciples looked at each other before they lowered their heads.

“Chester, don’t panic.” Dax quickly pulled Chester and said, “Her phone should have a tracking app, so check her position when she made the call.”

“Yes, yes!”

Chester quickly took out his phone and checked; the phone showed Shelly’s last position.

It was Donghai City’s Northern suburbs!

Chester and Dax looked at each other and quickly rushed there without any hesitation.