The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 98

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 98 – Upon hearing Granny Lyndon’s words, Lily shuddered in despair.

William and the rest were gloating with excitement. They do not care about Lily’s happiness. What truly matters are that they get to set up a new company with Trent’s money.

Darryl chuckled at the on-going conversation.

“What are you laughing at?” Granny Lyndon asked angrily.

Darryl mocked, “I’m laughing at this family! The great Lyndon family can’t even manage them estate, yet they pushed the blame on a woman. What ‘s even more pathetic is that, for the alleged future of the Lyndon’s, you’re willing to sacrifice even your granddaughter.”

“Our family matters have nothing to do with you! Lily will only be happy with Trent, not with a l***r like you!” rebuked Granny Lyndon.

Darryl took a deep breath, and continued, “Ultimately, you bunch are just upset that most of the Lyndon family shares are owned by other people. Just because you don’t have the

competence, you sell the women in your family out in exchange for your dignity.”


Being called out by a l***r in public, Granny Lyndon could take it no longer, she screamed, “Get him out! I want him out!”

No one dared to move forward. They still remember how Darryl beat Trent up the previous day. This live-in son-in-law, he even dare hit Trent, who would dare to offend him?

Lily tried to alleviate the situation, she tugged at Darryl’s arm and plead, “Darryl, stop talking…”

The only solution Lily could come up with now is to beg for forgiveness from Granny Lyndon personally, after the meeting. If she’s sincere enough, maybe Granny Lyndon might change her mind. It would only make matters worse if one were to collide head-on in public, like Daryl.

Darryl could understand Lily’s thoughts. He brushed her hair, and said gently, “Don’t worry. You don’t have to beg them for forgiveness. On the contrary, they will have to come to beg you instead.”

What? Us begging Lily for forgiveness? Is this a joke? Haha!

Granny said nothing but frowned.

Lily thought Darryl would take matters into his own hands by forcing them to apologize, she said, “I know you’re looking out for me, but you shouldn’t only rely on brute force. Many are stronger than you, you have to remember that.”

At that moment, someone spoke up, “Granny, President James of Dragon Tech is here!”

Everyone stood up quickly to greet him. Paul James of Dragon Tech is the biggest shareholder of Lyndon’s estate. Of course, everyone would get up to greet him.

Paul—in casual wear—was accompanied by two of his assistants.

“Grandma, we meet again,” greeted Paul cheerfully.

“President James, what a surprise! What can we do for you?” Granny Lyndon asked politely. The fate of the estate is in this man’s hand; she has no choice but to show him respect.

Paul chuckled, “You’re too kind, grandma. Nothing special, just a small matter.”

Small matter? Everyone’s curiosity was piqued.

Paul turned to Lily, handed her a folder from his assistant, and said, “Ms. Lily, I mean, Sis-in-law, I am officially transferring fifty-one percent of the family shares to you. The process is complete, you just have to have a look and confirm.”

What? Sis-in-law? President James called her sis-in-law?

Why did he transfer fifty-one percent of the shares to her? That amount of shares costs one billion!

Suddenly the entire Lyndon family was d**d silent.