The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 979

Read The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 979 – “L-Lily? Lily?! Is that you?” Darryl was extremely excited!

At that moment, Aurora’s ice dragon was also right in front of Darry!!


In a panic, Darryl swerved aside to avoid it and lifted the Blood Drinking Sword right in front of him at the same time to block the dragon.

Darryl’s speed was already very fast. Although he could avoid the dragon’s head, he could not avoid its tail! The ice dragon’s tail clashed against the Blood Drinking Sword with a loud noise and forced Darryl back by dozens of steps.

“Uh!” Darryl spat out a mouthful of fresh blood. He felt as though his organs had been injured due to the reverberation. He was truly internally injured at this moment!

However, he did not care about his injuries and scanned the surroundings. He was trying desperately to locate a person!

“Lily, is that you?” Darryl yelled out loud with reddened eyes with his extremely hoarse voice.

Darryl was very certain that the person who just said the phrase ‘Hubby, be careful!” was Lily. ‘Lily did not d*e. She isn’t d**d?”

At that moment, Darryl did not have the mood to continue fighting against Aurora as his mind was filled with Lily!

Tears were forming in his eyes as he kept searching among the crowd. However, there were too many people around and he could not find Lily.

‘Hubby!’ Lily’s heart was trembling upon seeing Darryl’s eyes glancing over her direction! Tears fell from her eyes.

‘Hubby… He heard my voice. He didn’t forget me and still loves me!’ Lily was extremely overwhelmed. She really wanted to run and tightly hugged Darryl!

However, Lily immediately dismissed the idea in the next second. No, she could not see Darryl.

Her current self was an ugly person that even she dared not look in the mirror. How could she be worthy of Darryl? He would be frightened too if he saw her now!

Lily felt her chest heavy as she thought about this. She was so upset and could not breathe as tears kept falling. She turned around and squeezed through the crowd before running far away.

‘Hubby, I’m so sorry. I can’t see you. I truly can’t…’ Lily wiped her tears while running. However, her tears would not stop.

“Lily!” Darryl was still searching hard for her among the crowd. However, she was nowhere to be seen!

“Darryl, d*e!”

Just at this moment, Aurora violently served another palm of energy which aimed for Darryl’s heart upon seeing the distracted Darry!!

“F*ck off!” Darryl was anxious to chase after Lily but was forced to deal with the oncoming a****k. He released his fury, used his energy field, turned around, and blocked Aurora’s move!


Two palms meet-releasing a low reverberation humming sound. The huge a****k force made Aurora retreat a few steps.

“Master Hansen, I don’t have time to play along with you, so don’t force me,” said Darryl coldly as he glared at Aurora.

He did not bother to continue fighting upon saying that and waved his Blood Drinking Sword to force the Emei disciples back before immediately turning around and walking into the crowd.

“Lily, where are you? Lily…” Darryl’s entire body was trembling as he looked around among the crowd, However, Lily was long gone.

‘Lily! Why don’t you want to see me? You’re still alive, I’m sure you’re still alive! That is your voice!’ Darryl’s heart was aching as he did not give much thought before quickly rushing toward Lily’s mansion.

“Master, are you alright?”

“Are you alright, Master?”

The Emei disciples immediately surrounded Aurora and asked in concern when Darryl left.

“I’m fine,” replied Aurora coldly as she looked at Darryl’s back. She then icily said, “Go and gather the disciples. I cannot forgive Darryl Darby.”