The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 977

Read The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 977 – “Darryl, t-thank…you…” Katherine did not think much, hugged before instantly separating at the touch and happily walking out of the elixir production room.

Darryl only felt a whiff of aroma on his face before Katherine was long gone in a blink of an eye.

‘Miss Katherine must be anxious to consume the Resumption Pill.’ Darryl chuckled before walking out of the Hexad School.

At the entrance, he took his phone out and was about to call Dax asking for their drinking location.

‘Hmm?” Right at this moment, Darryl was stunned as he could feel a m*******s aura coming over.


Darryl subconsciously turned his head around and saw Aurora Hansen led dozens of Emei disciples with longswords in their hands and approaching him from not far away.

At that moment, Aurora Hansen was still in her previous outfit of jeans and tight- fitting shirt-looking extremely s**y.

“Darryl, stop talking nonsense. You hurt my junior sister Abbess Mother Serendipity. Do you want to k**l yourself as repayment or want me to do it for you?” Aurora coldly said.

Aurora had not taken action moments ago at the martial arts conference in front of the other heroes. However, she had brought her disciples along to block Darryl at that moment so how could they possibly let him go?

‘F*ck! This is never-ending,’ muttered Darryl in his heart.

He curtly said, “Master Hansen, I’ve told you before that I didn’t k**l Abbess Mother Serendipity. Furthermore, I don’t know where she is.”

Aurora did not believe a single word and only glared at Darryl before coldly said, ” Darryl, stop trying to explain yourself. Previously, you went missing together with my junior sister but you came back in one piece, yet it’s still unknown whether she ‘s alive or d**d. Who else could it be if you didn’t hurt her?”

Darryl did not bother to argue with her. “I have no time to deal with you. Neither Abbess Mother Serendipity being alive or d**d nor her whereabouts have anything to do with me! Not to mention I haven’t even paid you back when you pushed me into the volcano crater, yet you come looking for me? You should thank the heavens that I’m in a good mood today and won’t bother with you.”

Darryl turned and left as he said.

“Stop him!” Aurora coldly said with the sword humming in her hand.

“Yes, Sect Master!” The Emei disciples drew their longswords, quickly rushed forward in front of Darryl, and blocked him at her words.

Darryl frowned as he did not even look at those disciples before lightly laughed and said to Aurora, “Master Hansen, do you think your disciples are enough to block my way?”

At that time, many passersby stopped to look at the commotion.

“Isn’t that Darryl Darby? It looks like he’s about to fight with the Emei Sect!”

“My G*d, isn’t that-the Emei Sect Master? She’s truly a goddess!”

“Gorgeous… Too gorgeous!”

“So this is the Emei Sect Master, Aurora Hansen who was nicknamed ice mountain goddess? It’s rumored that she’s as beautiful as a fairy. Who knew we can be so fortunate to see her! She’s not only gorgeous, but her beauty could even topple empires!”

Many men were gawking with some even taking their cellphones out and taking photos of Aurora Hansen.

Some even wanted to approach her but were chased away by Emei Sect disciples.

Aurora did not bother with the discussions around her as she glared at Darryl and coldly said, “Darryl, don’t even think about leaving if you don’t give me a satisfactory explanation today!”

Darryl was speechless at her remarks. He then smiled and said, “Aurora Hansen, are you interested in me? Did you leave the Hexad School earlier just now to wait for me at the entrance? Why? Do you want to be my wife now that you know I’m the Alliance Master? You’re too embarrassed to say that, so you use Abbess Mother Serendipity as a cover?”

“Y-you… You’re seeking d***h!” At that, Aurora only felt a surge of energy built up and slapped her palms toward Darry!!


The surrounding air seemed to freeze wherever the energy palm went!

Aurora was already a Level One Martial Emperor at that moment, so the palm’s power was immensely powerful!

‘She really made a move. Fine, I’ll play along,’ muttered Darryl in his heart. He let out a smile and lifted his hands to form a protective shield to block the energy palm. He met up with her a****k immediately after and fought furiously against Aurora.

Truth be told, even though Darryl was also only a Level One Martial Emperor, he was still slightly more powerful than Aurora!

However, Darryl could not release those deadly moves in the middle of the city. If he were to release those techniques, it would k**l a lot of innocent people after all. Therefore, Darryl did not use his full strength and only drew his Blood Drinking Sword and used the Celestial Swordsmanship to constantly clash against Aurora’ s longsword.