The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 973

Read The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 973 – The Elysium Gate only had a few dozen people! Those few thousand people could not even break through their formation!


The skilled disciples from each sect looked at each other before looking at Darryl in disbelief!

At that moment, the formation Darryl deployed was the Eight Directions Sky Dragon Formation-one of the more obscure ones in the Bai Qi Formations.

The Eight Directions Sky Dragon Formations was created by Slaughter G*d Bai Qi who was once surrounded by an army of over a hundred thousand with only a thousand soldiers!

It could be said that the Eight Directions Sky Dragon Formation was an extremely powerful formation that none-no matter the army size could advance even a single step forward once it was deployed!

The crowd became more alarmed as they watched on!

Each sect had used almost all of the tricks in their book, yet still failed to break through the Elysium Gate’s defenses!

“Let’s stop. There’s no need to compete anymore.” At that moment, Shaolin’s Sect Master Endless used his energy field as a thick voice came from his mouth.

Instantly, the offensive and defense team both stopped.

Sect Master Endless could barely hide his excitement as he saluted Darryl with a fist and palm before saying, “Master Darby indeed knows how to fully utilize his army. I’m fully convinced of your nomination as the Alliance Master. I have no further comments!”

At that moment, Sect Master Endless was speaking from the bottom of his heart.

Wudang Sect Master had also approached Darryl and respectfully said, “I’m in awe and admiration. Master Darby is indeed a master in the art of war. I also have nothing further to say! I’m fully convinced of your candidacy to be the Alliance Master!”

“Congratulations Master Darby! Oh, no. It should be Alliance Master Darby!”

“Alliance Master Darby, you are truly gifted! We’ll be relying on your leadership in the martial arts world for the future!”

Suddenly, the other sect masters also spoke their minds.

Just moments ago, Darryl had used a few dozen people to defend against several thousand but was still able to plan his strategy with calmness and composure which was admirable!

However, no one realized that Douglas had secretly slipped out of the hall via the backdoor without anyone noticing. He had not expected Darryl would be so powerful that he could fully convince the crowd! His plan to stir up conflicts had failed so there was no point for him to continue staying there.

At the same time, Aurora with her icy expression was glaring at Darryl with a frown.

Darryl had actually won and was truly about to become the Alliance Master!

Nevertheless, Although he was excellent, he had k****d her junior sister Abbess Mother Serendipity which made him the enemy of Emei!

Her expression turned colder as that thought crossed her mind. She was unwilling to remain there any longer and slowly stood up before saying to the Emei disciples, “We’ll take our leave.”

She then turned and left with the Emei disciples quickly following suit.

The other sect masters’ expression was a little awkward when seeing that scene.

Naomi could not help but said, “Master Hansen, we just elected our Alliance Master. How could Emei just leave like that…”

Aurora stopped in her tracks, turned, and glanced coldly at Darryl with her emotionless face. “He’s your Alliance Master which has nothing to do with the Emei Sect. Please just treat the Emei sect as though we didn’t join this martial arts conference.”

At this martial arts conference, she would not object to anyone becoming the Alliance Master except for Darryl!

Darryl k****d her junior sister and she had yet to avenge her, how could she recognize him as the Alliance Master?


The other sect masters looked at each other upon hearing her words and were rendered speechless.

They knew the rivalry between Emei and Darryl had been going on for a long time. However, they were outsiders in the conflict and it would be inappropriate for them to meddle in both their affairs.

At that moment, Aurora’s eyes fell on Darryl. “Darryl Darby, I’ve yet to get revenge for Abbess Mother Serendipity. Emei Sect shall never forget!”

Darryl thought, ‘F*ck. Are all the people of Emei nuts? Previously, it was Abbess Mother Serendipity and now Aurora Hansen too.”