The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 97

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 97 – Lily looked gloomy.

“What happened?” asked Darryl. He was happy to see Lily.

Lily sighed, “Grandma ordered for a family meeting.”

Darryl frowned. ’Another family meeting? Granny Lyndon seems to like family meetings a whole lot. What on earth does she want?’

“I’ll go with you,” offered Darryl. It was only on the way when he found out the purpose of the meeting—Trent Young was arrested. He initially agreed to twenty percent of the Lyndon estate shares, but the deal did not go through. Many in the Lyndon family blamed Lily for this, as she was not willing to cooperate.

People are selfish. If they had to pick between monetary gains or family, many would pick the former without any hesitation.

Trent’s actions were despicable. Everyone was mad at him yesterday, but at second thought, they— including Granny Lyndon—felt that Lily made a huge fuss over a minor issue.

Today’s meeting is clearly intended for Lily.

“What should I do? They will definitely reprimand me,” asked Lily worriedly.

“Don’t worry, you have me.” Darryl comforted.

Lily felt better. She thought back about how Darryl defended her yesterday by beating Trent up, that was truly touching.

Then she thought, that’s all he can do for her. He had no standing in the family, no whatsoever authority to speak, how can he help? Forget it, she will play by ear.

Just when Lily is lost in her thoughts, she noticed Darryl took his phone and sent a message.

When they arrived at the Lyndon’s’ residence, everyone was already there.

“Darryl, you dare show your face?” William pointed at Darryl and yelled.

Darryl replied coldly, “Why not?”

“If you didn’t beat Trent up yesterday, things wouldn’t have spiraled out of control,” scoffed William. The rest nodded in agreement.

“Yeah, it was just a small issue—Trent likes Lily, it’ s only normal if he flirts with her.”

“Exactly, furthermore you are not worthy of our Lily.”

“Lily being with Trent is the best outcome for everyone. It also does not hurt that we can sell off part of our estate shares, k*****g two birds with one stone!”

The rest chimed in.

“If you know what’s good for you, you’d leave Lily,” sneered William.

People nowadays are so vile; how could they say such things.

Darryl was irked. He replied, “So according to you if someone were to openly seduce your wife, you’d cheer them on?”

“What did you say?” William threatened.

“You can’t even do it yourself, yet you expect of others, all for your gain. How shameless!” sniggered Darryl.

William was aghast. He wanted to punch Darryl but held back because he knows he would not be able to defeat him. So he turned to Lily instead.

“Lily, President Young came in good faith, but because of you, the deal couldn’t come through. What should we do now!” reprimanded William.

The rest chipped in angrily.

“Yes, you have to bear the responsibility!” “This has to do with the Lyndon’s’ future!”

“It was a huge honor that President Young liked you, who are you to rebuff?”

Lily bit her lip hard. She was to the point of tears as she felt aggrieved but could not defend herself.

Just then, Granny Lyndon finally spoke up, “Enough!”

She continued, “Lily dear, I know you are very unwilling, but I thought long and hard last night. I feel that Trent is very compatible with you. So I’ve decided that once he has been released fifteen days later, we’ll discuss your hand in marriage.”

Granny Lyndon looked at Darryl with detest, and said, “You two should sign your divorce papers as soon as possible.”

“NO!” screamed Lily in tears, “I’d rather d*e than marry Trent!”

Granny Lyndon stood up in anger and reprehended Lily, “This is not for you to decide! This has to do with our future, so I do not care how you feel about this! It is decided, you will marry Trent!”