The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 969

Read The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 969 – At first, Darryl was slightly embarrassed from listening to Douglas’s praises.

However, as the praises gradually became more and more outrageous, Darryl could not help but secretly frowned.

Something was not right!

Darryl was not even familiar with Douglas Jensen, so why was Douglas praising and putting him high up on the pedestal while deprecating the others?

Dax who was beside Darryl had not realized what was happening and could not help but laughed. “Darryl, Douglas admires you way too much! Look at how much he’s praising you?”

Dax, at that moment, did you think much. He only knew that if someone were to praise his brothers, he would be happy.

“What admiration?” Chester closed his eyes and interrupted Dax’s words before heavily saying, “Darryl, I think something is going on with Douglas Jensen. He’s trying to stir up troubles by fanning the flames.”

Chester had always been calm and steady in his work and just like Darryl at first, he did not think much of it. However, he immediately understood Douglas’s intentions when Douglas started to exaggerate. Douglas might seem to admire Darryl at first glance, but he was stirring up conflicts between Darryl and the other sects.

It was like hiding a needle hidden in a pile of cotton–a sinister move behind an innocent facade!

Darryl kept his smile and nodded in agreement upon hearing Chester’s words.

At that moment, Douglas was still praising Darryl and made it seem as though Darryl was an extremely rare, unparalleled, and incomparable person.

“Douglas Jensen, shut up!” Finally, Emei’s Abbess Mother Benevolence could not take it anymore before standing up and reprimanded, “What you mean is that other sect masters here are only as good as a ten-thousandth of Darryl? That the Alliance Master position undoubtedly can only be his? Are these your own words or did Darryl buy you off privately and make you say this on purpose?”

She glared at Darryl coldly as she said this.

Abbess Mother Serendipity was her senior sister, and the entire Emei knew at that moment that Darryl k****d her. As her junior sister, she would naturally not mince her words or be polite when facing Darryl!

As she said that, the surrounding people returned to their senses and yelled out loud.

“Yes! Douglas has been bragging about how great Darryl is. There must be some unknown reason behind it!”

“Abbess Mother Benevolence is right! It must be Darryl who instructed him to say all these!”

“Hehe, Darryl sure is interesting! He pretends to be humble on the surface but secretly engages in such d***y tactics. So this is the Elysium Gate Sect Master…”

Instantly, all the fires were aimed at Darryl.

Douglas yelled out loud upon hearing their reprimands, “I’m just telling the truth. All of you are just jealous of Master Darby as your sects are worthless when compared to Master Darby! The Alliance Master position is undoubtedly his!”

Douglas’s eyes flashed a little mischievously as he said that.

It was true that Douglas’s act of bragging about Darryl was to try and stir conflict between the Elysium Gate and the other sects.

The Iron Palms had secretly defected to the New World a year ago and the New World Royals had given Douglas a mission–finding an opportunity to stir up conflicts between the World Universe’s sects.

The martial arts conference on that day was a great opportunity.

At this moment, Douglas was extremely delighted when the crowd was pointing fingers at Darryl.

‘Haha! My work didn’t go to waste.’

At that moment, the voices of dissatisfaction toward Darryl got louder and louder as everyone was dissatisfied with Darryl. Even the sect masters on stage were frowning with unhappy expressions.

‘F*ck.’ Darryl was suppressing his anger too from witnessing that scene. Why was he being blamed when he didn’t even do anything?

“Alright, everybody please be quiet!”