The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 965

Read The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 965 – Meanwhile, Darryl walked out of the room and instructed two maidservants to prepare food for Jewel.

“Brother Darryl.” Nimbus Dixon approached him from a distance at that moment.

Due to Darryl’s relationship with the Carters, Elysium Gate members did not need to report when they entered the Carter Mansion.

Nimbus took an invitation card and respectfully handed it to Darryl when he was right in front of Darryl. “Brother Darryl, this is an invitation from Shaolin, Wudang, and the Five Sects who are preparing to hold a martial arts conference.”

‘Martial arts conference?’ Darryl accepted the invitation card. He could not help but frown and muttered.

Nimbus continued, “I hear that all sects will be attending this martial arts conference. By the way, Flower Mountain and the Eternal Life Palace Sect have also received the invitations.”

‘Dax and Chester are invited too? Let’s go have a look then.’ Darryl thought before nodding and replied, “Right. I got it.”

Lily’s mansion in Donghai City.

Lily was sitting in the living hall and looking gloomy while hugging an empty box.

She had just sold the Worship of Crystal for 100 million at Roger’s Auction.

Roger’s Auction was a famous auction in Donghai City where Darryl previously met Zion and Evelyn Featherstone.

Lily felt empty inside and inexplicably upset after selling off the Worship of Crystal.

“Lily, have you readied the money?” A man then walked into the hall with a sneer on his face at that moment. It was William Lyndon.

William sat self-invitingly on the sofa in a disrespectful manner when he approached Lily.

Lily replied coldly, “Yes, I’ve just transferred to the family’s account. You can check for yourself.”

‘So fast?’ William frowned before calling someone.

Once he confirmed that the money had been transferred through, he sized up Lily in surprise before jeered and said, “Well done, Lily. Oh my, aren’t you rich. You could get a hundred million in just three days. It seems like we’ve underestimated you.”

He then scanned the house and asked, “Did you sell off the mansion?”

Lily did not bother to talk to him. “You can leave now since I’ve given you the money.”

She was extremely disappointed after selling off her precious Worship of Crystal.

Samantha came out of her room at the moment upon hearing the commotion before pointing at William and yelling, “William Lyndon, you really hoped for us to sell off the mansion? Let me tell you this, we refuse to be homeless! Lily sold off the Worship of Crystal and paid you the money so you can leave. We won’t have any further relations with the Lyndons from now on!”

‘What? A pair of Worship of Crystal could sell for a hundred million?’ William was stunned at those words. ‘A pair of stupid shoes could fetch for so much? Looks like Lily has more good stuff with her.’

His eyes sparkled with that thought in mind and sneered, “Don’t think we’re done with you. We’re seriously lacking in capital and a hundred million is far from enough. You have to give us another fifty million.”

Granny Lyndon was getting older. Sooner or later her estate would be passed on to William. He would be even happier the more money their family gets, so he had to violently extort this mother and daughter pair.

‘What? Another fifty million?’ Lily trembled and looked at William before coldly said, “On what account? We’ve previously agreed on a hundred million!”

Samantha could not take it any longer as well and yelled at William, “You’re reneging back on your words! Do you still have any humanity? Are you trying to drive both of us to destitution? Has your guilty conscience been eaten by dogs?”

“Humanity? You dare mention about humanity to me?”