The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 964

Read The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 964 – At Darryl’s question, Debra looked at Jewel in concern with her clear and bright eyes filled with anxiety.

Sara who was beside also said, “Jewel, quick tell us. Who dares to hurt you? Darryl won’t let them off.”

“Hmm…” Jewel lightly bit her lip when facing the three of them. She contemplated a little in her heart before softly said, “It’s too dark that night. I-I… didn’t get a good look at the person.”

Jewel was very conflicted inside as she said that and did not dare look at Darryl. She of course knew that it was Yvonne Young who hurt her that night but could not bear to tell Darryl.

Jewel did not know why Yvonne would hurt her. She only knew that Darryl and Yvonne had a very close relationship. She was afraid it would affect their relationship if she told the truth.

She also believed the person that Darryl liked must be kind-hearted. There must be a reason behind for Yvonne to hurt her, so Jewel decided not to tell the truth, but to personally ask Yvonne herself.

‘She didn’t see who it was?’ Darryl frowned. He did not give it much thought but only sighed and gently comforted Jewel. “It’s fine if you did not see who it was. I’ Il protect you from now on and won’t let you get hurt anymore.”

At that, Darryl hugged Jewel.

Debra, by the side, shuddered. Her face was full of surprise.

‘Jewel didn’t see who’s the perpetrator?’ Debra firmly believed it was Yvonne Young from the start. However, Darryl did not believe that it was her, Now that Jewel claimed she did not see who her attacker was, Darryl would be even more convinced it was not Yvonne.

At that moment, Jewel scanned her surroundings and gently asked, “Mister, Where’s Yvonne?”

Darryl laughed, “I sent her back to the Young Mansion for two days. She has left her home for a year after all.”

“Woo!” Jewel let out a sigh of relief at his words and nodded slightly.

She would properly question Yvonne as to why she would a****k her if the opportunity arises. As she thought about that, Jewel was secretly worried.

What if Yvonne attacked her again when they were alone together?

Debra noticed each of Jewel’s expression changes.

“Jewel, what do you feel like eating? I’ll get them to prepare for you.” Darryl lovingly held onto Jewel’s hand.

‘Jewel must be hungry from being unconscious for so many days.’

Jewel thought for a while before replying, “I feel like having porridge.”

Darryl quickly stood up. “I’ll get them to immediately make it for you.”

He quickly left the room as he said that.

“Wait for me!” Sara yelled and chased after him. These days, Sara would follow suit wherever Darryl went.

Suddenly, it was Debra and Jewel left in the room.

“Woo…” Debra sat by the bed and slowly said after a long while, “Jewel, did you really not see the perpetrator’s face? Tell me the truth.”

“Debra…” Jewel was slightly stunned and began to stutter, “I-I…”

Debra lightly held onto Jewel’s hand and continued, “You actually do know, right? You just don’t feel like telling Darryl. Why aren’t you telling him?”

Jewel bit her lip hard before smiling kindly and said, “It’s Yvonne who hit me. I didn’t tell Mister because I’m afraid it might affect their relationship. You know as well that they have been separated for such a long time. It’s so hard for them to finally meet again… There must be a reason why Yvonne attacked me…”

“Sigh!” Debra lightly sighed at those words.

Jewel was so kind that her heart started aching.