The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 961

Read The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 961 – “Miss Carter, I would be eternally grateful if you could bring me to see Master Darby!” Max excitedly said.


Darryl at the side was laughing at his words. Was his name so famous now?

Hearing Darryl laugh, Max frowned and yelled, “Why haven’t you left yet?!”

Darryl was showing off his calligraphy just moments ago which annoyed Max who just wanted Darryl to leave, Max was about to take the walkie-talkie and call for security to escort Darryl out.

At the same moment, Sara was looking lividly at Max and reprimanded, “I brought my brother here! What right do you have to chase him off!”

Sara admired Darryl the most and would not take it when others disrespected him, so she was suddenly enraged. Even if the person was the famous Max Harrington, she would not allow it!

“What? Sara referred to that person as her brother?”

Everyone was instantly baffled.

‘C-could this person be Darryl Darby?’ Everyone in the World Universe knew that Sara’s brother was Darryl Darby!

Max’s jaw dropped with his bewildered expression. His eyes were filled with disbelief.

Meanwhile, Darryl was as calm as still waters.

Sara then walked toward Darryl and adoringly hugged his arm before looking at Max, “He’s my godbrother, Darryl Darby. Don’t you want to see him so badly? Why are you chasing him away?”

“I…” Max’s forehead was sweating profusely. He quickly walked over with an expression of fear and apologetically said, “Mister Darby. Master Darby, I’m s-so sorry to have offended you. I must be blind. I hope you don’t mind me…”

At that moment, Max was anxious to d***h and on the brink of tears!

What did he just do? He was about to chase away his hero, Darryl Darby?!

Darryl smiled ambiguously at him without saying anything.

Everyone was bewildered at that scene.

‘Darryl Darby! It’s really him!’

“Mister Darby, please forgive my rudeness.” Max bowed a little in apology. “You must allow me to find a good place and treat you to good alcohol and food as an apology, please.”

When he said that, Max was filled with fear yet full of hope at the same time.

Darryl smiled dubiously, “Master Max, I thought you wanted me to f*ck off just now? Now you want to treat me to a meal? You sure change your attitude faster than flipping a page of a book.”

“Uh…” Max was sweating profusely on his forehead and was almost in tears.” Mister Darby, I was wrong. I hope you can forgive me.”

Darryl stopped teasing him upon seeing his pretty sincere attitude. However, he shook his head. “I appreciate the gesture but let’s forget about the meal. By the way, rub your eyes and look clearly next time before you collect any precious antiques.”

“Y-yes, I’ll remember your teachings.” Max nodded furiously and dared not retort.

The entire crowd was silent and stunned at the scene in front of them.

Max Harrington was a person of high status but was behaving like a child in front of Darryl Darby. This scene was just too shocking.

However, no one dared to say anything.

In the end, the person before Max was the entire World Universe’s hero, Darryl Darby.

Darryl did not bother to say anything further as he smiled at Sara and Debra. “Let’ s go. We should head home too.”

He turned around and headed downstairs upon saying that.