The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 960

Read The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 960 – The Ping’an Tie that Darryl produced looked precisely like the one on the wall, be it in terms of artistry or technique! The one he just did even had a higher level of artistry than the one on the wall!

Did he actually write the one on the wall?

How did that seemingly good-for-nothing person have such a great talent in calligraphy?

“You-” After a long time, Max finally snapped back to his senses. At that moment, he sweated profusely. He sized Darryl up and said, “My friend, which family are you from? Why did you attend my exhibition today?”

‘This person doesn’t seem like an ordinary person! However, he embarrassed me in front of everyone, that is too much! Now the entire Mid City knows that I have fake items in my exhibition!” Max thought.

Max was furious, but he was afraid that Darryl was from an influential family that he could not offend. That was why he asked about his family. Max had invited many affluent families to his exhibition, so many of his guests were quite influential.

Darryl smiled as he held Debra’s hand, “Me? My wife and I are here with my sister, She insisted on coming to your exhibition. If she did not bug me, I would not have come here.”

Debra blushed when Darryl referred to her as his wife. She took his arm shyly and buried her face in his shoulders.

When Darryl was finished, he scanned his surroundings, but Sara was nowhere to be found. Once she entered the exhibition, she did not follow Darryl, so he did not know where she was.

“You’re here with your sister?” Max clenched his fist tightly. His eyes were red when he said, “Leave at once! You are not welcome here!”

Max initially thought that Darryl would say he was from some prominent family, but he said he was there with his sister! Max sneered, he was to offend Darryl anymore. “Leave at once! Just because you wrote a few words, do you think you’ re a scholar now? I think you’re only here to cause a scene! Take your wife and sister and leave at once!”

“You-” Debra was furious. How could he be angry because he was embarrassed? That was the first time someone had chased her away, and she was the Artemis Sect’s Sect Master. Debra sighed and whispered into Darryl’s ears, “Let’s go then…”

Darryl sighed as well; he felt unhappy too.

“It’s so lively here!” Right at that moment, a voice came through as Sara appeared happily. She was at other exhibition stalls to look at some interesting antiques, and she was in a good mood. When she saw many people around Darryl, she was there to have a look.

Sara still had no clue as to what had happened.

“Miss Carter!” When she appeared, Max’s eyes brightened. He immediately welcomed her with a smile on his face. “Miss Carter, I’m Max Harrison. It is my honor that you came to my exhibition.”

Max had changed from an arrogant person to a polite and respectful man.

He had no choice; the Carters were a prominent family of cultivators. Especially the master of the family, Zoran Carter. He was a powerful and respected man in the martial arts world.

Max, on the other hand, was only a famous collector. He dared not slack off in front of powerful families like the Carters.

That was the Carter family’s second daughter?

She was youthful, smart, and pretty!

All eyes were on Sara. They did not even bother to look at Darryl anymore.

Sara nodded at Max. “So, you’re Master Max. Your collection is amazing! I just saw a few bronze bells; they are gorgeous!”

“If you like them, I’ll give them to you,” Max said humbly as he waved and laughed.

Even though the bronze bells cost a fortune, if he could be friends with Sara, it would be all worth it!

“Are you for real?” Sara was exceedingly pleased; stars sparkled in her eyes.

“Yes!” Max nodded fervently. He turned his head and instructed, “Come, give the bronze bell to Miss Sara Carter!”

“Yes!” A few young men in suits suddenly walked toward him and nodded.

Max laughed as he continued to say, “Right, by the way, I have a favor to ask of you, Miss Carter. I heard that your godbrother, Darryl Darby, always appears in the Carter mansion. If there’s a chance one day, perhaps you can introduce me to him?”

Darryl and the six sects had gathered in Donghai City to fend off the New World Army. He had become the World Universe’s hero, and the people revered him.

Even though Max was not part of the martial arts world, he had a deep admiration for Darryl.

Besides an exhibition in Mid City, the most important thing that Max wanted to do was to meet Darryl. He wanted to see his idol and hero in person.


At the mention of Darryl Darby, the crowd was in a heated discussion.

Darryl Darby was the World Universe’s hero and the Elysium Gate’s Sect Master. One could spend three days and three nights to talk about his heroic adventures and still would not be able to finish it. Everyone would want to meet him.

Angela was a little excited, as well. Even though she was a celebrity, she had heard the famous Darryl Darby’s heroic stories. The man had valiantly fought off and defended against several hundred thousand men from the New World Army!

“You want to meet my brother?” Sara said as she looked at Max.

Sara scanned her surroundings before she noticed Darryl. She thought, “Master Max is an interesting person. Darryl is clearly standing there, why does he still want me to introduce them?’