The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 958

Read The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 958 – Darryl had not wanted to treat the matter so seriously. However, when he saw the expressions on the crowd’s faces, he chuckled and commented on the Ping’an Tie.

What? How dared he commented so unabashedly?

The crowd immediately laughed and looked at Darryl condescendingly.

Then, right at the moment, there was a commotion at the staircase.

“Max Harrington is here!”

“Angela Angel… She’s here too!”

A few people slowly approached them, accompanied by cheers and exclaims from the crowd.

Among them was a middle-aged man who wore a deep blue Chinese jacket. Even though he had a gentle face, he had an intense aura that one could not take lightly. That man was Max Harrington.

A gorgeous and seductive lady with a petite figure stood next to him. She had long legs, and she was in a light purple long dress. Her body was alluring, and she had exquisite facial features and a head of pretty long hair. Her aura seemed regal.

She was a famous celebrity-Angela Angel. She was invited to the exhibition to perform for the crowd; many patrons had bought the tickets to see her.

When she saw Angela Angel, Darryl laughed. When Angela held a concert in Donghai City, she organized an activity where she got the audience to write their wishes, fold them into a paper plane and throw it onto the stage.

Darryl had pretended to be Evelyn Featherstone’s father. When he thought about it, he smiled.

“Master Max!”

“Angela, long time no see! You’ve become even more gorgeous!”

When Max and Angela appeared, the crowd greeted them happily.

Of course, most of the men’s eyes fell onto Angela. She was so gorgeous that she became the center of attention wherever she went.

However, Darryl did not pay her too much attention. Even though Angela was beautiful, she could barely compare to Debra.

Max smiled and waved at the crowd. He said, “It’s so lively here. I see everyone likes the Ping’an Tie too!”

When he said that, the bespectacled man said in a flattering manner, “Master Max, your Ping’an Tie collection makes one delirious! No wonder it’s one of the Sage of Calligraphy’s most famous works! But this guy said that it is an imitation!”

He pointed at Darryl.

“A fake?” Max frowned and glared at Darryl. He spent a lot of money to acquire that piece! The Ping’an Tie’s calligraphy was flowy and uninhibited–how could it be a fake?

The crowd’s eyes fell onto Darryl once again. They discussed heatedly among themselves.

“Master Max, please don’t bother with him. He’s still young and naive! He does not even know how to appreciate good calligraphy!”

“Yes! It looks like he does not know anything, yet he can shamelessly comment on your collection. What a joke!”

Debra panicked and stomped her feet when everyone started to taunt Darryl. She bit her lips and tugged Darryl’s hands. “Darryl, let’s go!”

Darryl smiled and then nodded. He was about to leave with Debra and Sara. However, just as he turned, he could hear an irritated voice from behind them. ” Dude, you can leave, but you have to apologize to me first! You said that my collection is fake; you have tarnished my reputation! You have to bear the consequences of your words. Apologize to me now!”