The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 955

Read The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 955 – Lily was disappointed when she heard those jeers and insults. ‘How could all these people still be so mean?’

“Stop talking!” Samantha pulled Lily behind her. She scanned her surroundings and said, “Lily is still family. Her face may have been ruined, and she is already upset about it, yet you still laugh and insult her. Do you not have any guilty conscience at all?”


“You’re one to talk!” William stepped forward and looked at Samantha. He sneered, “One year ago when Lily was about to marry Wade, she made a fuss about how she loved Darryl and wanted to find him. This incident made our family the butt of everyone’s joke in the entire Donghai City!

“Also, previously, Lily’s father made huge losses in some investment. Have you forgotten about that? The reason our family is in a bad state today is because of you three!”

The rest nodded fervently in agreement.

“Yes, our family became like this because of you three!”

“What right do you both have to speak here?!”

Samantha’s face flushed; she suddenly had no words.

William continued to say, “Lily, your mansion is currently worth quite a lot. Sell it to help us with our financials; take it as a way to make things up to your family.”

Then, he looked at Granny Lyndon and said pleasingly, “Granny, what do you think of my idea?”

Granny Lyndon nodded in approval. Then, he looked coldly at Samantha and Lily. ” Samantha, William is right. The two of you do not need to stay in such a huge mansion. You should stay somewhere with just one bed. That should be enough. Sell off your mansion.”

‘What? They want us to sell our house?’

Samantha and Lily shuddered, their faces paled. A long time ago, Samantha wanted to invest in the financial industry, so they had already sold the mansion once. However, they managed to get it back eventually.

“Granny.” Lily could not take it anymore. She took a deep breath and said, “My dad incurred some huge losses in some bad investments for the Lyndon Estate.

Yes, that was his fault. However, Darryl helped us to pass through those hard times. Then, I also helped the family once again with the money I made from my live streams. Now that the family estate is in peril again, you ask us to sell our own house? That’s not reasonable.”

She was utterly disappointed in the entire Lyndon family.

Samantha stood up and said, “Yes. Why do we have to sell our own house? Based on what?”

“Based on what?” William said curtly. “When Lily’s father’s investments caused our family to lose all of our capital, he was involved in fraud! Since he was family, we were not calculative with him. Now that our family is in trouble, it is only right to ask you to sell your house to help us!”

“Yes! The Lyndons have treated you right, you ungrateful people!”

“Technically, you bought the mansion with the family’s money…”

Lily panicked when she heard their accusations. “The mansion was bought with the money I made from live streams! Don’t you dare talk nonsense…”

When they mentioned the mansion, Lily thought of Darryl again. When she did her live-streams previously, Darryl helped her to earn a lot of money. One could say that Darryl paid for almost half of the mansion.

So, no matter what, no one could touch that mansion!

William did not bother to say anything else. He sneered, “It’s not up to you to decide whether to sell or not. Lily, we still have proof for when your father conned us out of our money. If you do not cooperate with us, then don’t blame us for taking legal action against your father.”

William smiled maliciously. “With such a huge amount of money scammed, even if your father is not in this country, he would not be able to run away from this.”

The other family members had a scorned expression on their faces, too; they clearly supported William.