The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 954

Read The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 954 – “That’s right…”

“Granny Lyndon always has a solution!”

The financial supply chain problem was a massive cause of headache for them. None of them could come up with a perfect solution.

Since Lily was back, things would not be too complicated to solve.

After all, Lily had been married twice, so a few more times would not hurt.

‘What?’ Lily trembled as she looked at Granny Lyndon in a daze. She was stunned.

She had only come back, yet they could not wait to marry her off again?

Did her happiness mean nothing to her family?

Samantha could not take it any longer. She said, “Lily just got back, and you all-“

Before she could finish her sentence, Granny Lyndon interrupted her. “You! Stop talking.”

Then, she smiled and waved at Lily. “Lily is my granddaughter, so, of course, I’m concerned. I’ve not seen you for a year,. Come, let me have a look at you.”

Lily hesitated for a while before she walked toward her.

As soon as she moved toward Granny Lyndon, William stood up and reprimanded Lily, “Lily, when did you become so rude? Why are you wearing a mask in front of Granny?”

“Yes, you’ve only left for a year, and all your etiquette has gone out the window.”

“Quickly, take off your mask, you rude girl.”

Even though they needed to rely on Lily to save their family business, they still reprimanded Lily when they saw her in a mask.

After all, Lily had no rank nor power in the family.

Lily bit her lips. She hesitated for a few seconds before she took off her mask.

She did not have the dignity to face Darryl, but she did not need to hide in front of her family. After all, she still had to show herself to them eventually.


When they saw Lily’s ugly face, the entire hall went silent. Then, they could not help but gasp.

Was that Lily?

How did she become so ugly?

“Lily, you-” Granny Lyndon was stunned. Then her voice turned cold. “What happened to your face?”

She could not hide the anger and surprise in her tone.

Her granddaughter used to be a beautiful woman. Since she had become ugly, which rich heir would want her?

“I finally understood why you came back so suddenly. It’s because you’ve become ugly and Darryl did not want you anymore, am I right?” William thundered as he approached her.

The other family members started to point and comment on Lily.

“What an embarrassment!”

“Yes, she ran away for more than a year with no news at all. Now that she has become ugly, she is willing to come back?”

“Why are we still hoping that she can help turn the tables around? What good is she now?”

At that moment, they thought that there was no more value to Lily’s name, so their words turned into insults.