The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 951

Read The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 951 – Meanwhile, at the Carter mansion.

For the past two days, if he did not need to take care of Jewel, Darryl would spend his time in the study room to write and draw.

Debra had been by Darryl’s side for the past two days as well. She really liked the quietness of the study.

Debra loved Darryl very much. Wherever he went, she would want to follow him. So, she enjoyed watching Darryl write. Furthermore, she thought that the man’s calligraphy was beautiful.

At that moment, Darryl sat by the study table and quietly wrote his calligraphy. Debra was beside him; she read a book of poetry.

“Hmm?” Suddenly, Debra trembled. Her red lips parted as she said, “Can somebody tell me what’s love supposed to be? That makes d***h a beauty so long you’re with me…”

She recited the poem once again before she cocked her head and looked at Darryl in surprise. “Darryl, was this not the poem you wrote? Why would it be in this book of ancient poetry collection?

“What? Uh…” Darryl scratched his head. He turned around with an incredibly awkward expression.

D**n it! Darry! had pretended to be a scholar when he was at the Great East, so he took poems from famous ancient poets from the World Universe and used them as his own. He did not expect that Debra would follow him to the World Universe. It seemed like he would be exposed soon…

Darryl chuckled; he did not know how to react. “I…”

“What should I do?”

“Tsk, tsk.” Darryl’s helplessness amused Debra. She said gently, “Look at how panicked you are right now. I did like you because of all the poems you recited. However, after I’ve known you for some time, I like you because of who you are. You’re loyal, just, and righteous-that’s why I’m so devoted to you.”

Debra looked at Darryl with admiration. “Even if you stole some ancient poet’s poem as yours, it does not matter.”


Debra did not know what to think; she approached Darryl and lightly pecked his cheeks.

Darryl only felt a whiff of fragrance on his face, but he immediately felt spirited. He reached out and grabbed Debra at her waist; he was about to give her a deep k**s.

Suddenly, a female voice echoed from the door.

“Darry!! Debra!”

Sara pushed the door open and ran in as she hummed a song. She approached them and giggled. “Darryl, did you do any calligraphy today?”

“Uh…” Darryl’s hand was still awkwardly around Debra. He quickly withdrew his hand. Sara was still young; the scene was not suitable for her.

When Sara entered the room, the lovey-dovey atmosphere in the air was interrupted.

Debra smiled and held Sara’s hand; she could not hide her fondness for the girl. She always had something nice to say about everyone, and she was cute and well -behaved too. Anyone who met Sara would like her.

“You cheeky girl! Are you taking my calligraphy work to show off to your friends again?” Darryl put the brush down and looked at Sara with a smile.

Two days ago, Sara stumbled upon Darryl’s copy of the Ping’an Tie in the study. She loved and admired it. She took the copy and said that she wanted to let her friends see it.

Darryl loved Sara, so he agreed to let her take it. After all, it was just a copyy and not his autographed version.

When he saw Sara again, he could not help but tease her.

Sara said excitedly, “Darryl! You’re amazing! Your Ping’an Tie was too amazing! My friends thought it was the real version! By the way, I’ve given it to a friend of mine. She liked it very much, so she begged me for it. I could decline her, so l gave it to her. Darryl, please don’t be angry…”

Darryl laughed. He ruffled her hair and pretended to be angry. “Of course, I’m angry. You gave my stuff to other people. How can I not get angry?”

“I…” Sara lowered her head like a child who felt guilty for a mistake.

“Why not? If you massage my leg, then I won’t be angry anymore,” Darryl said as he laughed.

“Hmm, hmm!” Sara blushed and crouched in front of Darryl as she cautiously massaged his leg. She said, “Also, I heard that there would be an antique exhibition tomorrow in Mid City. It’s going to be a lively affair! This exhibition will have a lot of antique and paintings. Why don’t we all go and take a look tomorrow? I hear many celebrities will be there too. It’s going to be fun!”

‘An antique exhibition?’ Darryl wondered to himself. He did not give it much thought as he said, “I don’t want to. It’s so boring!”

If he wanted to see antiques, he would rather go to Yvonne’s house. The antiques in her mansion would be much more exciting than any exhibition.

Sara got anxious. She tugged on Darry’s arms and said pleadingly, “Please, let’s go. Debra has been here for such a long time, and you have not brought her around. You let her cooped up here with you in the study, and it’s so boring! Also, I want to go too. I want you to accompany me. I hear that there will be many celebrities there. I want to meet them…”