The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 947

Read The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 947 – The Cult Mistress had been pregnant with his baby; the child should be about a year old then. Back at the Wishing Star Tower battle, Florian had abducted Yvonne and Monica, so Yvonne should know where Monica was.

However, Yvonne looked indifferent as she said, “I don’t know.”


She did not know?

Darryl was stunned.

The man snapped back to his senses. His eyes were desperate as he said, “You were both abducted by Florian, right?”

Yvonne shook her head. “I don’t know.” There was no emotion on her face.

Darryl sighed; he was d**d worried about Monica.


Meanwhile, at the Spiritual Invisible Sect on Spiritual Invisible Mountain.

Light smoke circled in the valley as warm sunlight shone; it felt like heaven.

However, the atmosphere in the Spiritual Invisible Sect’s main hall was depressing.

Their Deputy Sect Master, Crystal, sat in the middle of the main hall, Her exquisite face was icy.

Lanvin and a few hundred elite Spiritual Invisible Sect disciples stood quietly beside her.

Lily stood somewhere below them; her face was pale. She could not move as her acupoint was sealed.

Yoel’s and his companions’ bodies laid beside her.

“I have a question, Lily.” Crystal looked at Lily quietly; her face did not show any emotion. “Why did you betray our sect?! You have caused the d***h of Yoel and the others!”

Crystal’s eyes were full of sorrow. Yoel and the other two d**d men were the Spiritual Invisible Sect’s younger generation disciples and elite assassins. What a waste for them to d*e just like that!

Lily bit her lips as her body trembled slightly. “I didn’t do that.”

“Didn’t you?”

Crystal’s face darkened. “Your senior sister told me everything. You don’t need to deny it anymore.”

Crystal waved her hands at Lanvin. “Beat her up!”

Lanvin immediately obeyed that order. She took a soft belt and walked toward Lily!

Once she reached in front of her, Lanvin’s eyes were cold, “Hey, Ugly! You sent a message to Darryl and caused the d***h of three disciples. How dare you still not admit it!”


Lanvin started to hit Lily’s body with the soft belt in her hands.

The soft belt was extremely strong, with thorns on the surface. Fresh blood oozed from the wounds, and Lily’s long dress was thoroughly wet.

Lily shouted in pain; she wanted to fight back, but she could not move at all.

Crystal, who sat at the side, lifted the teacup and sipped hertea. “Lily, the Spiritual Invisible Sect had treated you kindly. When you were barely alive, Sect Master was gracious enough to bring you back here. Not only did she rescue you, but she also accepted you as a disciple. You’ve worked hard to cultivate for the past year, and I am impressed and had high hopes for you. But what did you do? This was only your first mission, and you have caused the d***h of other disciples. Are you not guilty?!”

“Deputy Sect Master, I-” Lily’s tears almost fell, and her lips were pale. “I didn’t betray our sect; I did not send a message to Darryl.”

‘If I wanted to meet Darryl, I would have met him long ago. Why do I have to wait until now? How can I meet my husband with this face…”

Lanvin swung the belt at her again. “Hey, Ugly! How dare you not admit it? Do you mean I have falsely accused you? You said that Darryl is your husband. If he is your husband, then you must have been the one to send him the message. This is not a blind accusation!”


At that time, the other disciples stared at Lily. They felt conflicted.

Crystal’s emotion darkened, “Lily, is Darryl really your husband?”

Lily nodded with complicated emotions in her eyes. “Yes…”

“Then you must have been the one who told him?!” Crystal said coldly.