The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 945

Read The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 945 – “Lily?”

Lily was in a rush, so she was surprised when a voice called out to her. She was stunned, but she turned around to take a look. She was shocked to see that person.

She saw Lanvin, who looked surprised to see her. There was also a horse carriage behind her.

Three men laid on the carriage floor-their faces were pale, and there was no sign that they were alive.

The bodies were Yoel and the other two elite assassins from the Spiritual Invisible Sect.

Lily felt her heart spun.

‘What happened? How did they d*e?”

‘Did they k**l Darryl already?’ Lily’s heart clenched. She walked toward the woman. “Sister Lanvin, what happened? How did Brother Yoel d*e?”

Lily was extremely worried. She did not care about Yoel’s d***h, but she was concerned that they might have k****d Darryl!

Lanvin looked at Lily coldly and said, “Yesterday, Darryl’s woman named Debra k****d them.”

Lanvin’s eyes were cold. She continued to ask, “Didn’t I tell you to go to the Black Wind Mountain?”

There were doubts in Lanvin’s mind.

How did Lily not d*e after she went to the Black Wind Sect? What a miracle!

Lily bit her lips and said, “I did. I went to the Black Wind Mountain and was captured by the Black Wind Sect. I managed to escape later. Sister, what should we do? Are we not going to k**l Darryl?”

Three of them had already died; one would consider the mission a failure.

Would the Spiritual Invisibility Sect abort the mission?

If that were the case, her husband would be safe, and she would not need to worry about his safety daily.

Lanvin clenched her teeth and growled, “The Spiritual Invisible Sect would never give up. We’ll send their bodies back to the Spiritual Invisible Sect and then make a decision later. This mission is too difficult; we may need my master’s help.”

Lanvin’s master was Deputy Sect Master Crystal Neal.


The Deputy Sect Master would join the mission?

Lily was shocked to hear that. The Deputy Sect Master was scarily powerful; it was rumored that her target could never escape. Darryl would be in real danger if the Deputy Sect Master were to join their mission.

Lanvin saw Lily’s reaction, so she asked, “Why are you so worried? You look like you are concerned about that man.”

Lanvin observed Lily as she continued to say, “Ever since you knew this mission’s target, you have been distracted and unfocused. Tell me the truth; do you know Darryl?”

Lanvin raised her voice for the last sentence; she sounded intimidating.


Lily bit her lips; she started to panic.

Lanvin did not give her any chance to think; she shouted, “Tell me honestly! Do you know Darryl?”

Lanvin got even more suspicious when Lily panicked.

When Lanvin pressured her for an answer, Lily knew that she could no longer hide that fact. She nodded and said, “I know him. He is my husband.”