The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 938

Read The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 938 – The other robbers started to cheer too.

Taurus smiled evilly as he waved his hand. “Brothers, tie her up!”


Taurus’s disciples immediately charged forward and surrounded Lily.


Lily bit her lips; she felt embarrassed and angry.

Taurus smiled evilly at Lily and said, “I fancy you; it is your honor to be my Sect Mistress. I suggest you don’t struggle.” Then, he laughed.

Lily’s body trembled as she held her long sword tightly and charged forward.

She had gone through so many things, and she had also cultivated at the Spiritual Invisible Sect for a year; Lily was a much braver person then. She was no longer a fearful little girl.

She only wanted to escape that place with her own ability.

However, how could she do that. It had only been less than a minute, but her body was already exhausted.


Taurus appeared from the back. As fast as lightning, he extended his hand to seal Lily’s pressure point.

Lily immediately let go of her long sword as her body froze; she could not move!

Taurus laughed.

Then, he smiled as he looked at Lily. “I told you-don’t bother struggling.

Just be my Sect Mistress obediently.”

Taurus lifted his hand and tore Lily’s face mask.


When those robbers saw Lily’s face, all of them gasped in surprise. Then, they sighed as they shook their head.

“Oh, my! She is so ugly.”

“Such a perfect body; what a waste!”

“Sht, she scared me! So ugly!”

There was a commotion, and Taurus looked surprised. He bit his mouth and spat on the floor. “Sh*t! I have been in the society for so many years, and I have seen countless women, but I have never seen someone so ugly before! Why bother staying alive when you look like that?”

“You–” Lily felt a pinch on her nose as tears pooled in her eyes.

She wanted to cry as realization dawned upon her–Darryl was not there.

Lanvin must have known that. She must have told Lily to go to the Black Wind Sect with hopes that she would not be able to return!

Lily’s heart trembled. She never thought that her senior sister would be so cruel to want her d**d.

Taurus was furious as he looked at Lily. “We are men with principals-we would never release our captives. It’s your bad luck.”

The man looked at Lily’s body as he thought about how wasteful that was.


‘I thought I had managed to capture someone with such a perfect body, and that I would have a beautiful Sect Mistress. How did she turn out to be so ugly?’


Lily was distraught. “Please, you must release me. I only trespassed by accident- ‘I can’t be trapped here; I still need to go back to look for Darryl.’

‘Most importantly, Senior Sister is still planning to assassinate Darryl. I must try my best to find ways to stop them.’