The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 934

Read The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 934 – As he spoke, Yoel looked at Lanvin with admiration.

Yoel had liked Lanvin for more than three years. When he first joined the Spiritual Invisible Sect three years ago, he was attracted to Lanvin at first sight.

In Yoel’s heart, Lanvin was not only beautiful; she was charming and attractive as well. Sometime, he would even dream of her!


Lanvin sighed and said impatiently, “If it were so easy to k**l Darryl, I would not have asked for support from the headquarters.”

Then, Lily walked toward them with a teapot.

Lanvin stared at Lily; she had found an outlet to release some stress. “Hey Ugly, I only asked you to make tea, but you are so slow. So slow! I don’t even know what else you can do.”

Since Yoel’s arrival, Lanvin had treated Lily like a servant and ordered her around.

Lanvin thought that Lily was useless and ugly; it was a burden to bring her along on the mission.

It looked like she was only there to serve tea and water.

Despite that, Lanvin was still not satisfied when she looked at Lily. She would always pick on her weaknesses.

Lily did not speak; she poured the tea silently. She was very nervous, and she accidentally splashed some tea.

“Get lost, Ugly!”

Yoel waved his hand disgustedly; he did not even look at Lily. “Careless and useless-you can’t even pour the tea properly. Leave now; don’t disturb my conversation with my Senior Sister.”

A lover would always agree with his lover’s choice.

Yoel knew that Lanvin was annoyed with Lily, and so he did not like Lily as well.

Lily replied briefly and quickly left the room.

As she just stepped out of the room, Lanvin said, “It is so frustrating to see that ugly woman! The reason our mission did not run smoothly was probably because of the bad luck she has brought upon us. Why did Sect Master accept her as a disciple? What good is she? And Sect Master has even passed so many skills and knowledge to that ugly woman too!”

Yoel quickly nodded in agreement. “That’s right. Since you are frustrated whenever you see her, why don’t we dump that ugly woman?”

‘Dump her?’

Lanvin furrowed her brows. “How do we do that?”

Yoel smiled and lowered his voice when he said, “There is a huge mountain a few dozen miles from here-the Incandescent Sect’s Black Wind Mountain. A group of bandits had conquered the mountain, and they had formed the Black Wind Sect. Their sect leaders are brothers, and they are all evil men. They’ve committed all sorts of crimes. No one would dare to go up the mountain or enter the sect’s territory.”

Yoel’s eyes showed sinister intentions as he said, “We’ll lure that ugly woman to somewhere near the Black Wind Sect. She’s so useless; she won’t be able to return safely once she’s there. When we are back at the Spiritual Invisible Sect, we shall inform the Master that the woman did not follow our instruction and went on the mission by herself. Master could not blame us for that.”

Lanvin was delighted. She nodded at Yoel and complimented him. “Good job, Yoel, for thinking of such a plan.”

Lanvin was extremely thrilled.

At last, she could get rid of that burden completely.

When he heard the compliments, Yoel smiled widely. Hee tried to impress her again. “It is my honor to ease your frustration, Senior Sister.”

Lanvin did not want to speak more nonsense. She waved her hands to signal Yoel not to talk further about it.

Then, Lanvin shouted at the door, “Hey Ugly, come in here!”

Lily could only think about Darryl, When she heard that he had destroyed the Incandescent Sect, she felt so touched. She knew that he had done it for her.

Ever since Incandescent Sect’s destruction, Lily had not had news about Darryl. The Elysium Gate disciples had sealed off the area around Mount Mingwang. No one could go up the mountain. That was why Lily trailed after Lanvin in that small city-she wanted to wait for Darryl to make his descent from the mountain.