The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 932

Read The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 932 – Donoghue had stayed there for more than a year; he and Lindsay were old acquaintances.

Lindsay smiled and said, “Chancellor, Princess Yvonne is still a princess from the New World even though she was only awarded the title recently. If you do not treat her well, is that not an insult to them? You want to k**l that man, Darryl, right? I can help you with that, and it won’t jeopardize our relationship with the New World.”

“Tell me!” Donoghue’s face shone.

Lindsay approached him and said softly, “I have just learned the Mind Control Charm, and I can use that to make the Princess obey my orders, No matter the distance, she will do as I ask.” Her voice was very soft, only Donoghue could hear her.

Lindsay continued to speak. “Send her to me, and let me set the charm on her. You’ll get to enjoy her company for a while before you send her back to Darryl. Even though I’ll be thousands of miles away, I can still make her k**l Darryl. She will follow my order.”

Lindsay smiled; she looked alluring and attractive.

As for those who did not know her, they would definitely be attracted to her. However, those who did knew that her smile was dangerous.

“Great! That’s great!”

Donoghue was delighted. He could not hide the excitement in his heart. “This is a good idea; let’s do it your way.”

Donoghue was worried. Even if he had violated Yvonne, that would only devastate Darryl; it would not k**l him. Darryl had strong power; even with the Sky Breaking Axe, Donoghue might not be able to defeat him.

‘With Lindsay’s Mind Control Charm on Yvonne, Darryl would definitely d*e! He would never expect the woman he loved so deeply to k**l him!”

As he thought about that, Donoghue was happy beyond description.

Lindsay’s face showed a slight smile; she walked straight toward Yvonne.


At that moment, Yvonne felt unusually fearful. She looked at Lindsay and said, ” What do you want with me?”

Yvonne did not hear Donoghue and Lindsay’s conversation, but she knew they had discussed an a****k on Darryl.

‘I will not let them get their way; even if I have to d*e.’


Suddenly, Lindsay lifted her gentle hands and punched Yvonne’s body.

Yvonne did not have the chance to react; her vision turned black, and she immediately fainted.

“Chancellor, I shall set the Mind Control Charm on her tonight. I will send her back to you early tomorrow morning.” Lindsay smiled widely; she looked very confident.

Donoghue smiled as he nodded.

At the same time, Donoghue focused his attention on Yvonne. Apart from his vengeance against Darry, he was also jealous of the man.

Darryl had been fortunate in love.

Each of his women was more beautiful than the other.

His wife, Lily, was the famous Donghai City goddess.

Yvonne was nothing less that too.

“After you’ve set the Mind Control Charm on Yvonne tonight, send her back to me immediately after that.” Donoghue smiled coldly. “I want to enjoy her before l send her back to Darryl.”

“Don’t worry, Chancellor.” Lindsay smiled and said, “With the Mind Control Cham, Miss Young would obey me unconditionally. I shall let her serve you, Chancellor, properly.”

“Good, good!” Donoghue laughed briefly as he nodded and then waved his hands at his guests. “Alright everyone, everything is fine now. Enjoy yourselves tonight! Let’s have a drink!”

All of his guests immediately replied politely.

At the same time, Lindsay ordered two disciples to carry Yvonne away.