The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 931

Read The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 931 – Yvonne put her hand on her cheeks after Donoghue slapped her. She felt hurt and angry, and she was about to cry. “How dare you touch me! Darryl will never forgive you. He–“


Donoghue slapped her again!

“Don’t mention his name!” Donoghue lifted his hand; his eyes were red. Then, he ordered the servants. “Lock her up for now. I’ll torture her thoroughly tonight. Once I am done with her, I will send her back to Darry!!”


The servants immediately answered him before they walked toward Yvonne.

Yvonne’s body trembled; her face was pale as she stared at Donoghue. “You are not human; you are a monster!”

She thought things would turn out better for her if she met someone from the World Universe; she did not expect to encounter an evil monster!


A minister stood up, bowed to Donoghue and said, “Chancellor, please think wisely. This lady is the New World’s princess. If you torture and k**l her, I am afraid it would affect the relationship between our two continents.”

Some of the crowd nodded in agreement.

Donoghue’s eyes shone scarily as he looked coldly at the minister. “Do you want to d*e? Do I need you to interfere with what I want to do?”


A strong aura exploded from Donoghue’s body and surrounded the entire area!


The minister’s body shook when he felt Donoghue’s strong aura; he knelt on the ground. He continued to tremble as he said, “Chancellor, please don’t be angry. If would never do that.”

The guests were frightened as well; no one dared to say anything.

Donoghue was the chancellor; he only needed to answer to one person!

All the guests were mainly elite and influential people, but they were nothing when compared to Donoghue!

Donoghue was furious; none of them dared to open their mouth and speak simply.

The entire wedding venue was deadly silent.

Suddenly, a lady stood up, Her body was slim, and she was in a dark green long dress. She had exquisite facial features, and she wore thick makeup; she looked beautiful.

“Why are you so angry, Chancellor?” the lady asked calmly. She was the Five Poison Sect’s Sect Master, Lindsay Jones!

Lindsay was 30 years old; she maintained her figure well, and she was attractive.

She was also famous in Westrington! She was the Five Poison Sect’s Sect Master!

The Five Poison Sect specialized in poison. All of their disciples were knowledgeable in the art of poison; they could k**l someone without a single trace!

Everyone knew Lindsay as the Snake Scorpion Queen.

Who would not fear a woman like that? At Westrington, no matter how powerful the person was, one would not offend Lindsay.

Donoghue looked at Lindsay and smiled. “Sect Master Jones, you have something to say?”

Ever since the Westrington Emperor conquered Westrington, the Five Poison Sect had surrendered to the Emperor.