The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 929

Read The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 929 – Meanwhile, at the Chancellor Residence in Dragon City, Westrington.

A year ago, the Westrington Emperor had appointed Donoghue as the Chancellor and gave him the Chancellor Residence. His position was only one below the Emperor.

The Chancellor Residence was located next to the palace. It had resting huts, trees, and artificial waterfalls, and it had an elegant environment-everywhere looked grand and powerful. Most of the time, people could only look at it from afar; no outsiders were allowed near it.

However, the Chancellor Residence was extremely merry that day.

Chancellor Donoghue and Yvonne’s wedding day would take place the next day, and it would be held at the Chancellor Residence.

Donoghue was the Westrington Emperor’s favorite person, and he was also the chancellor; he had a high authority. Besides that, the wedding was the communion of the two continents, and so, it was exceptionally grand.

All of Westrington’s ministers and sects attended the wedding.

The Dragon City’s inhabitants were also gathered at the Chancellor Residence!

They were there because they heard that the bride, Princess Yvonne, was as beautiful as a goddess. They wanted to see what she looked like.

Yvonne had to endure a long journey before she arrived at Westrington. She was almost at the Chancellor Residence; the wedding would commence upon her arrival.

Lanterns and decorations adorned the Chancellor Residence. Everyone was there; it was very merry.

Donoghue was dressed in a bright-red groom attire, and he waited in the side hall. He looked extremely smart.


Even though the atmosphere outside was merry and joyous, Donoghue was cold. He had not met Princess Yvonne. He only heard that she was as beautiful as a goddess from heaven.

Still, Donoghue could only think about Darry.

He heard that Darryl had fallen into a volcano crater about a year ago. However, he did not d*e, and he had been upgraded to a Martial Emperor as well!

Donoghue also heard about the news of how Darryl and his two brothers had destroyed the Incandescent Sect.


Donoghue slammed his fists on the table; his eyes showed the vengeance that he had in his mind. “Do you think that you are so great now that you’ve destroyed the Incandescent Sect? I will come for you after my wedding. I want you to repay your debt to me a hundred times over!”


Donoghue’s punch broke the solid wood table into smaller pieces-debris covered the floor!

“Sir!” A servant ran to him with excitement. “Sir, all the guests are here! The Princess and her entourage had just entered Dragon City, and they should arrive at the Chancellor Residence very soon. You should go out to meet her now.”

“Very well,” Donoghue replied before he walked out of the side hall.

Once he appeared, all the guests started to walk toward him.

“Mister Dixon, congratulations…”

“Mister Dixon, I heard that Princess Yvonne is magnificent!”

Laughter and praises rained upon Donoghue as he mustered a smile and replied to them.

“Announcing the arrival of Princess Yvonne!”

A voice shouted from outside the door.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Fireworks and firecrackers echoed throughout the entire Chancellor Residence.

The Princess’ entourage from the New World looked impressive and grand; it included hundreds of thousands of soldiers and servants. A beautiful palanquin covered in fresh flowers was in the middle of the entourage; Princess Yvonne was in it.

“We’re inviting Princess Yvonne to please step out of the palanquin!”

A servant’s voice shouted. As he spoke, the palanquin descended to the ground slowly. Moments later, an attractive body stepped out of the palanquin.

It was Yvonne.