The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 925

Read The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 925 – Darryl took a deep breath and laughed. “Elder Rocky, I have a big vendetta against the Incandescent Sect; that is why I destroyed them.”

Images of Lily flashed through Darryl’s mind; his heart ached uncontrollably.

The Rocky stared at Darryl before it opened its big mouth and said gently, “You managed to block my Blood Flame with the world’s top enchanted flame-the White Lily Cold Flame.”


Ricky’s red eyes were filled with admiration as he looked at Darryl. “You could control the White Lily Cold Flame at such a young age. It looks like the sky’s the limit for your future.”

There were expectations in the beast’s eyes. “Little brother, since you are here to seek revenge from the Incandescent Sect, then both of us have something in common. Can you do me a favor?”

Darryl nodded without any hesitation. “Of course, Elder Rocky.”

Darryl knew that the Rocky’s power was beyond anyone’s imagination. It could be a Martial Emperor, Unfortunately, no matter how high its power, it was still trapped in the tunnel for more than 500 years.

“Darryl, don’t agree to that!”

Sloan’s facial expression changed; she quickly stopped him.

‘There would be chaos in the world if the beast asks Darryl to free it. I am here to prevent that from happening.”

‘No matter what, I will not let Darryl free it!’


The Rocky was shocked; it looked at Sloan with curiosity.

Then, it immediately turned its head toward Darryl. “Little brother, your wife seems to have some misunderstanding about me.”



Sloan blushed. “I have no relation to him. Who told you that I am his wife?”

The beast turned its head again; it seemed like it was confused. “If you are not related to him, then why are you so intimate with him earlier? You were sticking yourself to this young man, and you squeezed into his protective shield too.”

“I-” Sloan could not find the words to reply to the beast. Her beautiful face reddened.

Darryl laughed. Then, he waved his hands at the enchanted beast. “Elder Rocky, please ignore her. My wife is only throwing a tantrum. She is refusing to acknowledge me as her husband.”

“I see.” Rocked nodded and smiled before it looked at Darryl and said slowly,” Little Brother, are you willing to hear me out?”

“Elder, please go ahead,” Darryl replied as he put his hands together.

Ricky looked ahead as if it had fallen back into its memories. Then, it said, “I have been trapped here for 500 years; that’s a whole 500 years! Day and night, I have wished to leave this place. The Incandescent Sect joined hands with the other sects to ambush me and then trapped me here. They did that because l have caused a lot of trouble in society; I have done many bad things.

“However, no one knew why I did those things; the reason I k****d those innocent people.” Tears began to flow down its cheeks. “My family and I, even though we could live for a very long time, we have fragile reproduction abilities. You humans carry your babies for ten months, but for a beast like me, we’ll have to carry our offspring for 500 years before we can birth them. I’m afraid there are only less than ten of my species left in this world.”