The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 913

Read The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 913 – “Flower Mountain Sect disciples, listen to my order!”

At the same time, Dax roared his command too. “Today, we shall destroy the Incandescent Sect! K**l them all without any mercy!”


The loud scream could be heard everywhere; it made everyone shivered.

Matteo clenched his fists; the Incandescent Sect had a few hundred thousand disciples! However, there were only 30 thousand of them at the main altar. Even if they won the battle that day, the Incandescent Sect would be significantly affected.

Matteo sighed as his anger continued to boil!

Ever since the Incandescent Sect’s formation, the society had respected them! How could he stand idly by as people attacked their main altar? Even though it would severely affect the sect, he would still battle to the end!

“Incandescent Sect disciples, k**l!” Matteo shouted coldly. As he spoke, ten of thousand of Incandescent Sect members charged from the back of the altar, both parties started to fight immediately!

The sounds of metals clashed as weapons struck, and painful shouts echoed throughout the entire Mount Mingwang!

All the guests were stunned; they immediately rushed to leave the main hall. They could still watch the battle from afar.

None of the guests was impressed when they first saw Darryl and his brothers.

However, when the Four Warlords and Red Eye Warrior appeared with a few hundred thousand disciples, everyone was stunned.

‘Who is this Darryl? How could he gather so many elite warriors?’

It was not only that!

Right at that moment, someone shouted, “Brother Darry!!”

Among the guests, Elixir Sect’s Sect Master, Andy Curtis, marched forward with a long white spear in his hand. “Brother Darryl, I shall assist you!”

Andy looked around him and shouted, “Elixir Sect disciples, listen to my order! Help Darryl to destroy the Incandescent Sect!”


A few hundred Elixir Sect disciples appeared and joined the Elysium Gate troops! Even though Andy had only brought a few hundred people with him, they were Elixir Sect’s elders! All of them were elite warriors!

Andy felt a little emotional! He did not expect to see Darryl there. He also did not expect him to be a sect master.

Darryl had saved his wife at the Great East, and he had promised he would help Darryl whenever he needed aid. Andy was a man of his word; he would always do what he had said!

Furthermore, he did not have a close relationship with the Incandescent Sect anyway. He only wanted to connect with them; that was why he attended the birthday celebration dinner. Of course, he would always be on Darryl’s side!

Everyone was shocked when they saw the Elixir Sect disciples join the battle. They focused their attention on Darryl; they were stunned and confused.

‘Even the Elixir Sect is helping Darryl?’

‘What charm does this Darryl have?’

Even the Elixir Sect’s Sect Master had decided to help him. One should know that the Elixir Sect was one of the Great East’s four major sects.


Matteo’s facial expression immediately changed when he saw that. He smiled coldly and said, “Great! Darryl, right? I can tell you that I was the one who k****d that ugly woman. What do you want to do about it? You’re here to challenge the Incandescent Sect? I think you’re looking for d***h!”


As he spoke, a strong aura circled Matteo! He lifted his hand fiercely and punched it at Darry!!

At the same time, Laura walked forward as she looked Darryl coldly. “Nothing but rubbish! How dare you come here and disturb the Incandescent Sect. None of you would be able to leave here alive today!”

Laura’s face looked cold! A sword appeared in her hands before she leapt into mid-air and charged toward Darryl. She aimed it at his chest!

Yvette bit her lips as she stood as the side; worry started to erupt in her heart.