The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 904

Read The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 904 – Clang!

The violent weapon clashing sounds rang out loud and the impact forced Justin back a few steps as he spat out a mouthful of fresh blood!

Although Justin was not as weak as his past self and was at the Level Four Martial Saint, he was still at a disadvantage when facing Christian in battle. Christian was the leader of the guards and had a lot of battle experience after all. He was also a Level Five Martial Saint-one level higher than Justin.


Justin steadied himself with an extremely pissed off face.

He wanted to show off in front of his master, yet had not expected Christian was not too weak and almost embarrassed the Incandescent Sect.

“D*e!” Christian took the opportunity to press on, knowing that he was winning. His eyes locked on to Justin and pounced one more.


In a flash, Matteo instantly appeared in front of Justin.

“How dare a mere pest act so presumptuous in front of me!” Matteo said coldly.

Matteo initially did not bother to fight. However, he was famed for protecting the weak and seeing his disciple injured caused his temper to suddenly flare-up.


At that, a frightening aura that enveloped the surroundings exploded from Matteo’s body.


‘Such a terrifying aura!’

Suddenly, not only Christian but also the other guards and Lord Kenny Bred on the boat were stunned. All of them were utterly shocked.

Matteo did not bother to say much as he lifted his hand and waved. A beam of flaming red light burst out from his hand.

Christian could not react in time and was hit by the red light beam.

“Hmph…” Christian let out a muffled grunt as he flew mid-air while forming a rain of blood. He flew almost a hundred meters backward before finally landing in the lake. The lake’s water was dyed blood red and he died on the spot.


‘One move?’

‘He k****d Christian, the leader of the guards with just one move?’

The remaining guards’ jaws dropped at that scene and could not help but gasp. Who was that person with such terrifying powers?!

At that moment, Lord Kenny Bred who was on the boat also heard the fighting sounds and could not help but stand up as he furiously glared at Matteo.

Christian was one of his best men! How did he d*e so terribly here?

One of the guards was then shocked as he noticed Matteo’s crescent shape mark on his forehead. He trembled and exclaimed, “Y-you’re the Incandescent Sect Deputy Head …M-Matteo Hanson?”


‘The Incandescent Sect Deputy Head?’

At those words, the other guards gasped and could not hide the fear in their hearts.

The Incandescent Sect Deputy Head was an individual below one but above thousands! He was coined as the Evil Samaritan who was both just and evil. A person with a rebellious and untameable temperament not to mention extremely cruel. No one in the martial arts world dared to provoke him.

Lord Kenny Bred’s expression changed and was stunned into silence. Matteo Hanson was famous and he had long heard of him but yet to meet him before. He had not expected to see him here.

Matteo looked at the guards and coldly said, “Your previous demand for me to move was already a d***h penalty but since all of you recognized me, I might spare your life so long you kneel and kowtow to me.”

At that, Matteo’s eyes landed on Lord Kenny Bred on the boat and said, “You too! Kneel!”


At his words, the guards looked at each other and were partially shocked and afraid.

‘Such arrogant words! Asking even Lord Kenny Bred to kneel?’

One of the guards came to his senses and reprimanded, “Matto Hanson! How presumptuous of you! Do you know who’s that person on the boat? He’s Lord Kenny Bred!”

‘Lord Kenny Bred?’

At that, Matteo smiled condescendingly as he played with the fan in his hand and said,” So what? All of you will d*e if he doesn’t kneel and apologize today.”

“How arrogant!” Lord Kenny Bred glared coldly and ordered, “Take him down!”

At that moment, Lord Kenny Bred was extremely furious!

He was a lord with vast powers after all. How dare Matteo Hanson in front of him ask Lord Kenny to kneel?!

How unruly!

“Woo!” At that moment, dozens of guards looked at each other before drawing their sabers and rushed forward.

Matteo sneered and did not even bother to deal with the guards. He just coldly glared at Lord Kenny Bred. Finally, a purple-red flame was forming quickly in his palms as he lifted his hands.

The surrounding air was instantly distorted due to the high temperature!


Matteo lifted his arm and threw the purple-red flame ball over. The flame ball grew against the wind and formed a huge palm silhouette–aiming towards the boat where Lord Kenny Bred was on.

“Lord Kenny Bred!”

“Protect Lord Kenny!”

The guards were flabbergasted at that scene. They wanted to rush over and help but were too slow.

Lord Kenny Bred’s expressions darkened upon feeling the frightening fire-palm aura. He immediately activated his energy field and used internal energy to form a protective shield in front of him and Monica.

At the same time, Monica hugged Ambrose in an attempt to protect him with her body.


The next second, the palm aggressively crashed on the protection shield as Lord Kenny Bred felt a terrifying force against him. The protection shield was smashed to pieces and so did the boat.

“Monica!” Lord Kenny reacted quickly and grabbed Monica by the waist on one hand and Ambrose with the other before leaping to shore.

“Are you alright?” Lord Kenny Bred was anxious and asked with concern.

“I’m fine, I’m fine.” Monica was touched as she could see Lord Kenny’s mouth was bleeding from blocking the palm, yet did not care about the injuries on him as the first matter he did was to ask about her well-being.

“You deserve to d*e!” Lord Kenny was furious and glared at Matteo with bloodshot eyes.

Matteo’s palm almost injured Monica which crossed Lord Kenny’s bottom line.

“I deserve d***h?” Matteo laughed. “Let me tell you. Many wish for my d***h in the New World! However, those who wish for my d***h always died in my hands!”

Matteo’s body flashed like a beam of light as he said that and flew directly at Monica!

“Lord Kenny Bred, right? This woman seems to be of great importance to you.” Matteo sneered and grabbed Monica’s wrist.

“Darling!” Lord Kenny Bred yelled. However, Matteo was too quick as it was already too late when he reacted!