The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 898

Read The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 898 – Darryl got more excited as he thought about it further while looking at the pagoda in his hands.

The shimmering gold pagoda had five levels and was dazzling!

“My first wife, how do I release the thousand people trapped in the pagoda?” Darryl asked curiously.

At his words, Cindy glared at him. She said coldly, “Darryl, I’m telling you once more, don’t try to be s***k! D-don’t call me that! I’m still the Fuyao Palace Master after all. What face do we have left if you keep calling us your wife?”

She then bit her lip. Cindy would have long flared up upon hearing Darryl call her ‘wife’ based on her temper. However, she did not know why she just could not get angry at Darryl.

“Haha. Fine, fine, fine!” Darryl smiled and agreed. “Quickly tell me how to release them?”

Cindy harrumphed. ‘This Darryl is never serious. Never truly believe his words.’

As she thought, she stopped smiling and seriously said, “Darryl, look closely at the pagoda in your hand. Do you see that every level has a small recessed hole?”

At her words, Darryl carefully inspected the pagoda in his hands. The pagoda which could change in size was only a few centimeters tall in Darryl’s hands at that moment. However, he could see that every pagoda level was rendered imperfect by a small round hole.

Cindy gently said, “From what I know, if you want to let the people out of the pagoda, you have to fill up every level’s hole! According to ancient records, you’ll need Heaven Repairing Stones to fill the pagoda’s holes.

“You could release the people who were trapped in the first level of the pagoda by obtaining one Heaven Repairing Stone. If you have a second stone, you could release those people in the second level. The pagoda has five levels in total and if you want to release all of them, you’ll need five Heaven Repairing Stones.

“Therefore, Heaven Repairing Stones are like the keys to the Seven Treasures Exquisite Pagoda,” said Cindy flatly.

‘What? Heaven Repairing Stones?’ Darryl was baffled with a confused expression.

Cindy quietly looked at Darryl before continuing, “The Heaven Repairing Stones are the five colored stones used by the Ancient Goddess Nuwa. There were not many Heaven Repairing Stones left after she used the stones to patch up the heavens. It would be harder than trying to reach for the heavens if you want all five Heaven Repairing Stones!”

‘What…’ Darryl was utterly bewildered upon Cindy’s explanation.

‘F*ck, where do I find such rare stones? I obtained the Seven Treasures Exquisite Pagoda, yet can’t trap people nor release them. What use is this lousy pagoda…?”

Cindy laughed gently upon seeing the anxious Darryl as she flipped her wrist before one of the five-colored stones appeared in her hand!

The surrounding temperature fell when the stone appeared! The stone was extremely glaring under the sun!

“Darryl, it just happens that I have one Heaven Repairing Stone passed down to me from our previous Palace Masters over several thousand years,” said Cindy with a smile.

She continued, “You can unlock the pagoda’s first level and release the people within with this Heaven Repairing Stone.”


At that moment, Darryl gasped from being extremely excited!

“Wive, you treat me too well!” Darryl laughed out loud as he extended his arm to take the Heaven Repairing Stone.

However, Cindy immediately dodged as she clenched the Heaven Repairing Stone tightly in her hand and laughed. “Why should I give it to you?”

“You…” Darryl was anxious as the Heaven Repairing Stone was right in front of him, yet he could not get it. It was pure torture. He then said, “Am I not your husband?”

“Pfft!” Cindy blushed and said in annoyance, “You’re trying to be a smooth-talker, but I’m not going to give it to you!”

“No…” Darry was extremely anxious and finally stopped teasing her. “Palace Master, I’ll stop teasing you…”

Cindy harrumphed as she sized Darryl up and said, “I’ll give you the Heaven Repairing Stone on one condition.”

“What is it?”

“Call me your good sister.” Cindy laughed.