The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 897

Read The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 897 – ‘The pagoda’s last master was the 25th Fuyao Palace Master?’ Darryl was slightly bewildered at that.

Cindy looked at the pagoda and frowned as she said with a conflicted tone, “Five hundred years ago, the 25th Fuyao Palace Master-Amber Slater stumbled upon this pagoda together with the man she loved.”

At that, Cindy sighed.

‘Man?’ Darryl subconsciously frowned. ‘I thought men had no social status in Fuyao Palace?’

As he had that thought going through his mind, he heard Cindy continuing, “Amber loved that man but didn’t expect that man to cheat on her with another woman and even had a child together after barely even a year being together. Amber was extremely sad and furious, so she trapped him inside the pagoda.”

At that, Cindy stopped for a while with her exquisite face filled with conflicts. “After that, Amber got dejected and never trusted any men again. It was because of this reason that she concluded there aren’t any good men on Earth and set a new rule which forbade Fuyao Palace from taking in male disciples.”

‘No wonder men had no place in the Fuyao Palace. It was because of this.’

Darryl nodded in realization upon hearing Cindy’s explanation before looking at her and curiously asked, “What happened next?”

“Woo…” Cindy sighed gently and said, “After that, the Seven Treasures Exquisite Pagoda was nowhere to be seen and only mentioned in Fuyao Palace’s records. The Palace Masters after Amber thought that she had destroyed the pagoda, but who knew she actually buried the pagoda under the Main Flower Hall.”

Cindy became melancholic at that. “Amber hated the man who cheated on her. However, she could not bear to k**l him deep in her heart hence why she buried the pagoda here instead.”

Irene and the others sighed as well upon those words.

Darryl was momentary silent while he scratched his head and muttered to himself in his heart, “What’s there to be emotional about? It happened a few hundred years ago… Hold on!”

Darryl suddenly thought of something as he looked at Cindy and said, “You said the pagoda can trap people in it?”

Cindy nodded. “Of course, the Seven Treasures Exquisite Pagoda is an ancient Grand Weapon with limitless divine powers that can subdue all living beings, evil demons, and monsters. It’s also known as the Demon Trap Pagoda.”

Cindy looked at Darryl at that with her slightly conflicted eyes. “Those words that you just chanted ‘the exquisite magical powers for my use’ should be the pagoda’s incantation for recognition of its master so this pagoda is now yours.”

Cindy let out a laugh when she said that, This pagoda used to belong to Fuyao Palace but had since recognized Darryl as its master. It would be impossible even if she wanted it back. She owed Darryl after all, so how could she ever ask for it back?

‘Haha, this can conquer all living things? Won’t I be indomitable? Haha!’ thought Darryl.

However, he was elated for a while before hearing Cindy explained, “By the way, the pagoda can only capture a thousand people as far as I know. For the past few thousand years, the pagoda has gone through so many Masters with many people being sent into it already. If I’m not mistaken, that cheating man whom Amber trapped was the thousandth and also the last person so the pagoda can’t capture anyone anymore.”

‘What?’ Darryl’s smile was stuck on his face. ‘F*ck. The pagoda is now filled with people I can’t capture anybody else? What use is it then? As an accessory?’

Cindy laughed upon seeing Darryl’s disappointed face. “Although the pagoda can no longer fit any more people, it does have a thousand people within. The pagoda had since recognized you as its master…”

Cindy looked at Darryl and laughed before continuing, “So, these thousand people’s lives are in your hands and you can decide their fate within a split moment of decision. Therefore, the thousand people within it have to obey you. For the past few thousand years, the people who were captured within are no ordinary people and if you let them out and make them obey you, it would be a frightening force of power.

“In addition, this pagoda has gone through many Masters.” Cindy laughed. “It has spanned a few thousand years from the Pagoda-Bearing Heavenly King Li time until our 25th Palace Master, hence the assorted people who were trapped in the pagoda should have many famous individuals through various dynasties among them!”

Darryl was overjoyed by her words, but immediately said with a frown, “Wait, something’ s not right-won’t the people within the pagoda d*e?”

According to her, the last pagoda’s master was almost 500 years ago.

After such a long time, the people in the pagoda would have probably turned into ashes.

Cindy shook her head. “The Seven Treasures Exquisite Pagoda is a Grand Weapon with its insides filled with spiritual auras and forming its own space. People who are trapped within it won’t d*e.”


Darryl was elated at her words. Did that mean that the thousand people trapped in the pagoda were his to use?!