The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 894

Read The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 894 – Darryl laughed and deliberately frightened them. “Six Palace Masters, don’t be happy too early. Although my protective film can stop the fire, it won’t last long.”

Darryl could not help but tease them upon seeing the panicked look on those six fairies.

The six fairies panicked again upon hearing that as none of them had doubted Darryl’s words.

“What can we do about it then?” Little Fairy stomped her foot.

The protective film consumed internal energy and Little Fairy did not know how long Darryl could deploy his internal energy to maintain this protective film.

When Darryl fell into the crater, Debra had also conjured on a layer of the protective film. However, that protective film lasted for more than a year due to the crater releasing a strong spiritual aura that was sufficient for Debra to maintain it.

At that moment, Darryl was in the secret tunnel and the protective film would disappear once his internal energy was exhausted!

Darryl was overjoyed and pretended to be flustered upon seeing the six fairies being all worked up and nervous. “Quick. All of you should hurry up, pour water on your bodies, and get yourself wet first so that you don’t get b****d. I’ll think of some way!”

Cindy and Irene nodded before quickly walking to the water tank.

“Yes, yes. Darryl is right.”

“We should first get our clothes wet and cover our mouths to avoid taking in the smoke on top of not getting b****d.”

Whash! Whash! Whash!

The six fairies gathered around the water tank and started splashing each other as they spoke.

In a blink of an eye, everybody was drenched and their perfect curves suddenly appeared in front of Darry’s eyes.

Darryl stood there while looking at them with a smile. He was secretly happy in his heart.


Those six fairies had their own strengths and weaknesses with each of them having the most alluring body shapes.

Especially when the long dress became tightly attached to their bodies and exposing their curves. Any man would not be able to control themselves when they saw such scenes.

The Eldest Palace Master was the cold-blooded sister.

The Third Fairy, Fourth Fairy, and Fifth Fairy belonged to the charming types.

Meanwhile, the Sixth Fairy and Little Fairy were the pretty and playful types.

It was like real fairies from the heavens had gathered when the six gathered together. It was a highly sought after the visual feast.

Darryl was in high spirits from being dazzled by their beauty.


Just when Darryl was secretly admiring the fairies, the wet Little Fairy walked over and gently asked, “Have you figured out a way?”

She clearly noticed Darryl’s unbridled gaze.

However, Little Fairy was not in the mood to care about that for the moment.

It was critical to saving their lives first from this situation.

Cindy and the others also looked over with an eager look in their eyes.

The surrounding fires were becoming more intense as the entire Fuyao Palace would soon turn into a sea of flames.

The only safe place left was the place covered by the protective film where they were standing at that moment.

The protective film which Darryl said could not last for too long.

Darryl showed a slight smile. He then responded in a very calm and composed manner, “There is a way of course. Otherwise, how could I possibly be your leader?”


Little Fairy groaned. “What situation are we currently in? You’re still in the mood to say such things. You…”

As a result, Little Fairy trembled before she finished her word! However, her voice abruptly stopped!

Darryl before her was slowly raising his right hand!


In the next second, a terrifying aura erupted from Darryl’s body as a ball of white flames suddenly emerged!

“White Lily Cold Flame… It’s the White Lily Cold Flame!” Cindy reacted as her body could not help but shiver!

She was very knowledgeable and could immediately notice that Darryl was holding the world’s strangest flame—White Lily Cold Flame!


Darryl raised his hand as the White Lily Cold Flame whizzed up and floating in mid- air!

It kept spinning!

All of a sudden, the White Lily Cold Flame madly started s*****g the surrounding flames!