The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 890

Read The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 890 – Leroy threw him a flippant gaze. “The Seven Fairies are women after all. Of course, they would need love and tender care. I will cherish them. By the way, look at your current situation, it’s better you worry about yourself than to think about the Seven Fairies.”

Leroy stepped forward and looked at Darryl with a smile after speaking that. “Don’t worry. Although I’ve caught you, I won’t let you be lonely as I’ll use the same method to get Dax here tomorrow and Chester the day after. As for your parents, don’t even think that they can escape! I’ll make sure to pay you back ten times more than when you destroyed my Kunlun Sect!”

Leroy’s smile disappeared as his eyes turned blood red!


Darryl was furious and gathered his internal energy again before slamming his hand on the cage.


Darryl used almost his full strength to do that which caused a loud noise that almost shattered one’s eardrums! However, the cage remained intact!

Leroy laughed loudly after seeing that. “Darryl, don’t waste your energy. This cage is made of Ten Thousand Years Fine Iron, it’s extremely sturdy that even a Level Five Martial Emperor can’t move it. What’s more a mere Level One Martial Emperor like yourself.”

Leroy sounded prouder than before with his deranged gaze. “Don’t worry, I won’t k**l you right away. I’ll slowly torture you to the point you wish you’re d**d instead. Only then can I finally vent my anger. Your brothers and parents will also suffer because of you! By the way, don’t you have quite a special relationship with those fairies? It’s a pity the Seven Fairies will soon become my women. Is your heart aching? Haha… you…”


Before Leroy could finish speaking, he felt his voice was blocked and stared with widened eyes at Darryl!

A smile crept into the corners of Darryl’s mouth as he emanated a horrible aura that spread to his surroundings!


A ball of white flames which did not seem to have any temperature leaped out from Darryl’s palm, but its surrounding air was burning hot!

It was the White Lily Cold Flame!

“You…” Leroy was stunned. In the next instant, Darryl raised his hand and the White Lily Cold Flame leaped out before attaching onto the cage.

Haha! Haha!

In the blink of an eye, the extremely hard cage started melting a little bit!


“This… What type of fire is that? It could dissolve the Ten Thousand Years Fine Iron!”

Leroy’s face drastically changed after seeing that as panic rose in his heart and he could not stop shivering!

Leroy’s smile had completely disappeared as feelings of fear occupied his entire heart!

He did not know of the White Lily Cold Flame was the world’s strangest fire!

Although the Ten Thousand Fine Iron was extremely hard, it was nothing before the White Lily Cold Flame!

“Leroy.” A cold voice came from Darryl’s mouth. “I was able to wipe out Kunlun Sect back then, I can k**l you today.”


As soon as he said, the White Lily Cold Flame had completely melted the huge cage into a puddle of molten iron!

Leroy’s head buzzed, but quickly turned and ran before thinking further about his situation at that moment!

He did not have the slightest desire to fight against Darryl as he was a Martial Emperor who could even melt the Ten Thousand Years Fine Iron. How could Leroy possibly be Darryl’s opponent?

“Are you running away?”

With a cold snort, Darryl drew out the Blood Drinking Sword and chased after Leroy!

Leroy was relieved that he managed to run into the Main Flower Hall. In the main hall was a secret tunnel in which the Seven Fairies were locked up. The secret tunnel was intricate and complicated, and those who were unfamiliar with this secret tunnel would lose their way after entering it. Leroy thought that so long he entered the secret tunnel, Darryl would not be able to get hold of him!


Leroy ran into the hall which had a two-meter-tall vase in the middle.

Leroy quickly ran over and twisted the mouth of the vase.


A loud noise could be heard as a gap suddenly formed on the wall not far away! The chamber’s entrance slowly emerged! Leroy was terrified along the way when Darryl chased after him but breathed a sigh of relief after entering the secret chamber.

“Leroy!” Darryl slipped in behind Leroy but was unfamiliar with the terrain and almost immediately lost Leroy after entering.

“Boom!” Darryl clenched his fist and slammed it against the wall with his heartstrings tugged.

Leroy’s escape would become a future threat! Leroy was really horrible, and allowing him to escape was equivalent to setting a tiger free!