The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 886

Read The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 886 – After the morning audience adjourned, two eunuchs took the imperial decree and headed to Princess Yvette’s residence.

The imperial decree had only a few words -‘Yvonne Young shall be conferred as Princess Yvonne and marry Donoghue, the Prime Minister of Westrington Continent.”


On the other side!

At the Carter’s Mansion in the World Universe Continent!

The severely injured Zoran was no longer in a life-threatening situation with his condition stabilized.

The trio-Darryl and his brotherly mates were sitting together in the hall.

“Darryl, let’s not waste any more time since godfather is better now and depart to the New World Continent.” suggested Chester.

Dax eagerly responded, “Yes, we three brothers will annihilate the Incandescent Sect and avenge Lily! Let’s wipe them out!”

“Let’s go!”

Darryl clenched his fists, gritted his teeth. and nodded. The pain he felt was as though a knife pierced through his heart whenever he thought of Lily’s tragic d***h.

The three brothers got up and they were prepared to head out.

Suddenly, a maid from the Carter family walked in, bowed respectfully, and softly said, “Master, there’s a Fuyao Palace disciple outside the door saying she has something important and has to meet you.”

‘Fuyao Palace?’

Darryl was stunned and waved his hand. “Bring her in.”


The maid turned and went out before bringing in a young woman after a while.

The young woman was wearing a long white dress with floral patterns embroidered on her dress. It was the symbol of Fuyao Palace.

When she arrived before Darryl, the female disciple respectfully spoke to Darryl, “Sect Master, my palace master has ordered me to come and meet you. Here’s a letter from my palace master. Please have a look.”

She then handed a letter over to Darryl.

“What’s wrong with the Little Fairy?” Darryl asked as he took the letter.

The female disciple politely said, “Palace Master says that you’ll know when you open the letter.”

The female disciple stepped aside upon saying that.

Dax leaned over and whispered, “Darryl, is this a love letter from the Little Fairy?”

A year ago, Fuyao Palace came to support Donghai City during the Wishing Star Tower battle.

The seven fairies’ beauty had left a lasting impression in Dax’s mind.

The seven fairies were gorgeous in their ways like goddesses from heaven!

Even Jewel and Debra were curiously peeking at the letter.

“F*ck. don’t talk nonsense! Love letter your head…” Darryl was embarrassed, quickly opened the letter and saw the beautiful handwriting on it. There was a faint scent coming from the paper which only had three rows of words.

“Darryl, I’m Irene. I haven’t seen you for a long time, how are you? A year has passed since we battled alongside to defend Donghai City against the New World Army. It felt like that was just yesterday…”

“Darryl, I… I want to beg you for a favor, Six months ago, I stumbled upon the ‘Circulation Revitalization Scripture’ and began practicing the secret technique. It backfired on me as Yin Energy attacked me… My eldest sister said that only someone with the Pure Energy power could help me disperse the bad energy.”

“So, can you come to Fuyao Palace… I’ll wait for you in the Fuyao Palace’s secret chamber.”

Darryl let out a long sigh after reading the lines.

He wanted to head toward the Incandescent Sect for revenge, but something happened to Little Fairy. Although his revenge plan was important, Lily was gone and he could avenge her at any time. He could not turn a blind eye to Little Fairy’s pleas, especially when her life was at stake.

Besides, Fuyao Palace contributed to defending Donghai City.

After the Wishing Star Tower battle, Little Fairy had sent him two scripture columns.

Darryl had quite a good impression of her so he had to help her since she was in trouble.

He had to go to Fuyao Palace first.

Chester who was beside him said to Darryl after reading the letter, “Darryl, maybe you should save Little Fairy first since her life is at stake now. We can delay our revenge plan for a day or two.”