The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 885

Read The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 885 – The overall combat strength of the Westrington Army was much weaker than the New World Army after all. It was indeed very difficult to break the deadlock solely relying on himself.

The war had reached a stalemate for a few days which dampened Westrington Army’s morale.

Suddenly, a general in black armor quickly walked in.

He was Donoghue’s most capable subordinate, Josh Yard!

Josh cautiously asked, “Prime Minister, are we attacking today?”

Donoghue angrily answered, “What do you think? We haven’t got the upper hand for days so what’s the point of fighting? Just call for a truce and rest!”

Josh looked embarrassed and suggested in a low voice, “Prime Minister, I have an idea to solve this awkward situation and ensure the Westrington army won’t lose our reputation.”

He could tell that Donoghue no longer wanted to fight and thought of retreating.

However, it was too shameful to retreat, and that caused Donoghue to be so upset.

“Speak up!” Donoghue took a sip of wine and coldly said.

Josh took a deep breath and slowly said. “From my observation of the New World Army these days, I notice their soldiers are also physically and mentally exhausted. They obviously also don’t want to continue fighting. We are also thinking of the same. Since both sides don’t want to fight but refuse to admit defeat to avoid embarrassment, why don’t we send envoys to make peace with the New World Continent?”

Josh cracked a faint smile as he spoke, “We can get into a political marriage with the New World Royals. According to my knowledge, the New World Emperor has several daughters, and each of them is gorgeous. Why don’t Mister Prime Minister marry one of the princesses and forge familial ties between both continents? Once that happens, retreating the army will be a е.” matter of course.”


Donoghue was overjoyed after hearing that. excitedly patted his t***h, and said, “Okay, it’s a good idea! Just do as you’ve said and immediately send an envoy!”


In the New World City!

At Full Energy Hall.

The Westrington Army sent an envoy for a marriage proposal and news soon reached the palace.

The New World Emperor immediately called a hundred civil and military officials to discuss the matter when he learned of such news.

The New World Emperor was sitting on his Dragon Throne with a straight face and plainly said, “Fellow Officials, what do you think about this marriage proposal?”

There was a faint sense of helplessness in his eyes when the Emperor said that.

The New World Emperor was honestly thinking of ceasing the fight with the Westrington Continent. He was thinking of secretly retreating in his heart! However, the other continent proposed to marry one of his princesses which was something rather unacceptable.

The Emperor adored every one of his princesses dearly! He was not willing to marry any of them off to the Westrington Continent!

Although Donoghue who possessed the Sky Breaking Axe was extremely talented, the Emperor still would not want to marry his daughter to him!

The Board of Rites High Official came forward and respectfully said, “Your Majesty, it’s reasonable for the Westrington Army to propose marriage as both continents could then form an alliance and won’t infringe on each other in the future. This will in turn reduce our powerful enemies by one.”

“You’ve made it clear and succinct.”

After which, the Ministry of War High Official stepped forward and retorted in displeasure. “Princess Yvette is the only one who has reached the age of marriage among all of His Majesty’s princesses, not to mention that Princess Yvette is His Majesty’s most beloved daughter. How could she be married away to Donoshue? Do you think His Majesty won’t be upset?”

The Board of Rites High Official looked embarrassed before looking at the New World Emperor and shamefully covered his face. “Your Majesty, I don’t mean anything by that.”

Princess Yvette was indeed the majesty’s most loved daughter.

Marrying Princess Yvette to the Westrington Continent would be a difficult decision for His Majesty as he might be tormented from the feelings of dearly missing his favorite daughter in addition to having troubles sleeping and eating…

The New World Emperor irritably waved his hand and motioned them to stop talking.

The Country Secretary came out, bowed, and slowly said, “Your Majesty, don’t worry. There’s actually an easier way out.”


The New World Emperor raised his brows and looked at the Country Secretary appearing to be slightly less irritated. “What do you suggest?”

The Country Secretary respectfully smiled and explained. “Your Majesty. the Westrington Continent may have proposed for marriage, but in fact making up a reason to retreat. Therefore, we don’t need to marry a real princess. We only need to find a beautiful lady and grant her the princess title before marrying her off.”

After a short pause, the Country Secretary continued, “I remember Princess Yvette has a maid named Yvonne who was once a captive. She’s beautiful, talented, and has a good temperament. Your Majesty can grant her a princess title and send her to Westrington Continent.”


Suddenly, there was an uproar in the hall with the civil and military officials praising such a brilliant idea!

“The Country Secretary is quick-witted.”

“Yeah, this idea is wonderful.”

The New World Emperor smiled and nodded approvingly. “Indeed, it’s an excellent idea. Let’s just do as you’ve said.”

The New World Emperor immediately looked around the hall and commanded, “Send my order to appoint Yvonne Young as Princess Yvonne. Three days later, she will be sent to Westrington Continent and get married to the Westrington’s Prime Minister, Donoghue.”

“Yes, Your Majesty!”

All civil and military officials responded in unison.