The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 883

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So much cash! There must be at least a few hundred million, right?

Larry forced an awkward smile and said. “Mister Blakely and Miss lade, this kid brought a billion bucks in cash to buy our mall and also hit me. He must be tired of living. I’m about to teach him a lesson…”

Larry pointed to Darryl who was not far away while explaining.


‘One billion bucks in cash to buy a mall?’

Felix and lade were both stuperied and they looked toward the direction of Darryl at the same time.

Felix almost passed out after taking a look as he exchanged glances with lade and both became extremely excited!

It had been a year. During that year, Jade made many calls to Darryl but never went through. lade felt her legs go jellied upon seeing Darryl standing before her eyes and was about to tear up.

“You want to teach him a lesson?”

Felix looked at Larry with a cold face while suppressing his anger.

Larry nodded repeatedly and sneered. “He’s simply tired of leaving for daring to come and cause trouble at our mall…”

“F*cking i***t!”

Before he could finish speaking, Felix drove a kick into Larry’s stomach and roared., “You must be f*cking blind!”


Felix unleashed his full strength in that kick which caused Larry to feel a sharp pain and suddenly sat on the ground.

Everyone was completely startled as no one knew why Felix suddenly reacted in such a manner!

“Mister Blakely!” Larry was completely dumbfounded and stared at Felix blankly. “He’s the one who started the mess, so why did you beat me up?”


Felix’s face was ashen as he slapped Larry again before bellowing, “Beat you up? It isn’t too much even if I k**l you now!”

“Mister Blakely, why…” Larry gritted his teeth.

“We have worked together for so long. Why are you hitting me just because of someone like him…”

“I’ll tell you why.” Jade started walking over on her high heels from the other side. She condescendingly looked at Larry before pointing at Darryl and asked. “Do you know who he is?”

“Miss lade, I don’t know him…” Larry whispered.

“You don’t know? Let me tell you then.” said Jade coldly while ensuring every one of her words loud and clear. “This person is Darryl. The Darryl who led Elysium Gate Sect to defend Donghai City! The entire World Universe continent would be finished without him! This continent would have been destroyed without him! Do you think you can have a good life now if not for him? Do you think you can still invest and run this business!”


It was suddenly silent!

The entire mall became quiet as everyone looked at Darryl!

‘He…is Darryl?

‘The Elysium Gate Sect Master, Darry!”

Although a year had passed since the Wishing Star Tower battle, everyone knew of Darryl’s contributions!

After Jade finished speaking, her heels brought her straight before Darryl.

Jade could no longer conceal her excitement when she arrived in front of Darryl as she respectfully said, “D-daddy, you are back…”

Jade’s voice was very soft as she bit her lip and continued, “D-daddy… I didn’t fail your expectations… Windon Real Estate has expanded from Donghai City to several other urban areas…”

Darryl looked at her with a smile and nodded his approval. “Well, you did a good ob. I did choose the right person after all.”

“Daddy, let’s go to the office?” Jade whispered as Darryl had disappeared for over a year and she had many questions for Darryl. The shopping mall lobby was not a convenient place to talk after all.