The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 881

Read The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 881 – ‘I dream of you telling me in my ear that you’ll forever take care of me…”

How Lily desperately wished she could just rush in, throw herself into Darryl’s arms. hugged him tightly, and cry!

However, she stopped as soon as she took a step as though her body froze.

‘No, I can’t meet Hubby…’

‘My face has become such that even I hate myself when I look into the mirror, How can I let him see me?’

I’m afraid that Hubby can’t recognize me… I am so ugly now and no longer worthy of Hubby…

Lily felt a sense of tightness in her chest thinking of that. She was heartbroken.

“Hubby… can you hear me? I miss you so much. I miss being in your arms and talking to you. I really want to…but I can’t meet you with this face…” Lily muttered to herself as sweet memories of the past flooded her mind while tears could not stop rolling down her cheeks.

“Seeing you are fine and doing well, I’m just so happy…” Lily’s voice became softer and softer. She almost lost grip of herself and looked like she could faint at any time. Even so, Lily had her eyes locked on Darryl who was in the mall, and was unwilling to even miss a single micro expression.

She was so afraid.

Afraid that was nothing but just a dream.

She wanted to take a good look at Darryl even if it was just a dream and even if she could only watch from a distance!

Meanwhile, Lanvin was observing Darryl closely. She finally heaved a long sigh and frowned. “Hey Ugly. there are too many people here and I’ve no chance to do it. We’ll have to secretly follow him and look for a chance.”

Lanvin continued without looking back at Lily. “Do you see the man in front of the car? He’s Darryl-our target this time. You should take a good look at him and we’ll start tracking him down later, Do you hear me, Ugly?”

Lily was unresponsive.

Lanvin frowned and turned her head around -only to see Lily in great despair which made her furious. “Are you there? Are you deaf or mute? Can’t you hear me?”

Lily still did not respond as she merely stared blankly at Darryl-completely oblivious of what was happening around her.

Lanvin was pique before pointed at Lily and cursed, “You good for nothing! Just get out of here if you’re gonna be absent-minded like this. People like you are unqualified to be part of the Spiritual Invisible Sect. Such an eyesore! How could the Sect Master take you in as her final disciple…”

So hideous!

That comment struck a chord in Lily’s heart. She failed to contain her emotions and yelled at Lanvin, “Stop talking!”

She could not go forward and meet with the love of her life just because she had become so ugly!


‘Did she just yelled at me?’

Lanvin was stunned as her tide of anger instantly rose!


The next moment, Lanvin raised her hand and slapped Lily’s face!

The sound was loud and crisp from Lanvin exhausted her strength to deliver the slap!

“You think you’re good now? How dare you talk back at me! Get out and f*ck off now!” Lanvin glared at Lily and coldly said.

Lily covered her face without saying anything nor leaving the scene.

How could she leave after learning that her senior sister’s target was Darryl? ‘I can’t let anything happen to Hubby…’

“Are you not leaving? Okay, I’ll give you another chance.” Lanvin angrily hissed. “you must listen to me from now on and must not go against me. Otherwise, you should disappear from my eyes and don’t let me see you again. Do you hear me?”

“I… I know…” Lily answered softly while covering her face.

Lily looked in Darryl’s direction again upon saying that.

‘Hubby, I’m sorry that I can’t meet you. I’m so ugly now and have no dignity to see you…

‘However, I’ll always silently follow you and be your little guardian.

‘I won’t hurt my senior sister as I owed Spiritual Invisible Sect for saving my life, but love won’t let my senior sister hurt you either.

Hubby, you used to protect me. Now… Let me protect you..