The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 878

Read The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 878 – Darryl feigned a smile after hanging up the phone and looked at Larry. “The money will be delivered within half an hour. You can wait for it.”


Everyone present was shocked!

Many ridiculed and mocked Darryl.

“Haha, deliver one billion bucks in cash within half an hour? He must be living in his wonderland, right?”

“Did he escape from the mental hospital?”

“Look at his poor and sorrowful look. Did he say a billion bucks in cash? I guess it’s hard for him to get even a hundred thousand bucks.”

For a moment, the contemptuous voice filled the mall.

Finally, Larry calmed down with an extremely ugly face. “Oh man, are you pulling my leg?”

‘Can he come up with a billion bucks in cash?’

Larry must have lost his mind to believe in Darryl.

Darryl smiled indifferently. “President Wood. I’m standing here with you. Can’t you wait for half an hour?”

In truth, Darryl could completely raze the entire shopping mall to the ground and then left with his strength at that moment.

However, he was a man with principle and wanted to pay for things he had damaged.

More importantly, he must vent out his anger.

He had to have his revenge for the slap across Jewel’s face!


Larry gritted his teeth and nodded. “I’ll wait for half an hour. If I don’t see the money in half an hour–I’ll make sure you, who came walking in, will leave in a stretcher.”

Larry barked an order at the security guards around him after speaking. “Watch him carefully. Half an hour later. break both his legs and throw him into the river and feed the fishes.”


After receiving their order, more than a dozen security guards surrounded Darryl and Jewel with their fierce-looking faces.

Jewel was a little flustered by the scene as she tightly held Darryl’s arm and whispered. “Mister, will someone really send you money later?”

It hurt Darryl’s heart to look at the red palm print on her face as he rubbed Jewel’s head. “Don’t worry, someone will send the money later. When did I ever lie to you?”

Jewel felt assured after looking at Darryl’s serious look.

In less than half an hour, Larry had completely lost his patience. His expression was extremely gloomy as he raised his hand.

More than a dozen security guards understood what he meant as they marched forward to grab Darryl.


Suddenly, the mall door was pushed open! Thereafter, a woman quickly walked in wearing a suit that tightly wrapped around her body which showed off her s**y curves!


In an instant, everyone’s eyes were focused on the woman.

Suddenly, someone recognized her and exclaimed in a low voice, “She… Isn’t she the boss of Darrell Entertainment?”

“It seems to be her. I saw her in the newspaper before.”

“Why did she come here?”

Larry was stupefied and secretly shocked.

Who would not know of Pearl? She was the boss of Darrell Entertainment!

However, why was she there?

Did she plan to arrange some of her company’s celebrities to perform in the newly opened shopping mall? That would be a win-win situation for both parties!

Larry smiled and was about to greet her with that beautiful plan in his head.

However, what took Larry by surprise was that Pearl did not even look at him and went straight to Darryl instead.

When Pearl reached Darryl, she was so excited that she gave a ninety-degree bow. “Brother Darryl, the transport truck carrying the cash is outside the door. Do you want the trucks to be driven in here or…”


‘President Hahn made the trip to bring Darryl money?’

Everyone was stunned and looked at Darryl with complicated gazes!

Darryl laughed and looked at Pearl.

‘I haven’t seen her for more than a year and her figure is getting even better’ Her nice curves could not be hidden even when she was wearing a suit. Darryl smiled and said. “Drive the truck in and just pour the money in this hall. Mister Wood thinks I have no money to buy a car, so I’ll have to let him count the money himself. In that way, he won’t say that I was lying.”

“Yes!” Pearl nodded and agreed and spoke into the mini walkie-talkie on her collar, “Just come in here.”