The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 877

Read The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 877 – Larry hesitatingly stepped forward. “Well, you still have to compensate for the scratch on the car.”


After he said that, more than a dozen of security guards quickly gathered around and looked at Darryl like watching a prey!

They were ready to charge forward and take the young man in front of them down upon Mister Wood’s orders!

Seeing that the atmosphere was getting worse and worse, lewel held Darryl’s arm tightly and whispered, “Mister, forget it. Forget it…”

Although she was slapped, Jewel just wanted to quickly leave the scene. She did not know much about the World Universe, but she could tell that Larry was the mall’s owner and had a very high social status.

Darryl looked at Jewel and took her hand. The burning red palm print on Jewel’s fair face was visible. It broke Darryl’s heart to look at it.


Darryl was so angry that he could not endure anymore and slammed his palm down hard on the Porsche! The huge force spread and soon a crisp sound was heard as the car’s windows instantly shattered!


Everyone around was stunned as all of them took a sharp breath.

‘How dare he break the car’s windows?’

‘Is he crazy?’

“I can pay for the car. Now tell me, what are you going to do about slapping my sister?” Darryl said coldly while suppressing his strong k*****g intent!

“Pay me? Do you know how much this car is? A poor b**n like you won’t be able to drive this car even if you work for a lifetime,” derided Larry with a sneer.

“Yeah, why don’t you pee and look at yourself in it?” Esther walked up again and said, “I’ve told you before that this car is worth three million bucks.”

“This car only costs two million bucks. Why should I pay three million bucks for it?” Darryl said with a smile despite his tone showing that he was losing control of his anger!

“Oh. a hillbilly like you knows about cars.” Esther glanced at Darryl and said, “Yes, this car is worth only two million bucks. However, you caused a commotion and disrupted the order in the shopping mall besides scratching the car, so it won’t be enough if you merely pay for the car!”

“Pfft…” Darryl’s eyes were red before turned to look at Esther and said with a smile, “You are really a good manager, aren’t you? You’ve worked hard for the mall’s best interest.”

Darryl was h*****g the words through his teeth before looking at Larry. “Today I won’t only buy this car, but I’ll also buy your entire mall. What’s the price for this mall?”


“Is he crazy? Haha!”

The people around burst out laughing, Larry had also joined the crowd and laughed out loud as he joked., “I’ve invested a total of one billion bucks in my shopping mall. Do you know how much one billion bucks is? Someone like you can’t possibly have that much even if you work for eight hundred lifetimes. Got it?”

“Well, I’m buying this mall and that One billion bucks will be delivered in cash within half an hour.” Darryl took a deep breath and pointed to Esther. “A billion bucks in cash will be delivered soon. Once I am the new boss here, you’ll be fired.”

“What a fool.” Esther cursed. She rarely scolded people, but the man in front of her was disgusting.

Larry also laughed in anger on one side. ‘Is he crazy? Did he say that he wants to use one billion cash to buy my mall? He must be sick in the head. There sure are weird people around.

Darryl kept a straight face and said nothing. He just took out his cellphone and dialed a number. “Pearl, send me one billion bucks in cash to the Universe Shopping Mall of Mid City. Oh right, it must be delivered within half an hour. I’ll be here waiting.”

Pearl had been taking care of Platinum Corporation ever since the big families of Donghai City had jointly suppressed the Platinum Corporation. As a last resort, Darryl told Pearl to lead the celebrities contracted under the company toward Mid City for new development. A new entertainment company was opened in the city using Pearl’s name.

Pearl named the company Darrell Entertainment which was a different spelling variation for Darryl.

Darrell Entertainment had developed very well in Mid City. It was a well-known entertainment company inside the entertainment circle with an annual net profit of five billion bucks!

Pearl was in the office taking a power nap when Darryl called. She was both surprised and delighted after receiving Darryl’s call! It had been a year since she heard from Darryl and was so excited to have finally received Brother Darryl’s call. She wasted no time and immediately started making calls to major banks for the large cash withdrawal!

One usually had to make an appointment in advance to withdraw even one million bucks of cash from the bank. One could not get one billion bucks in cash without a sufficiently huge network in the banking industry! However, Brother Darryl ordered that the money must be delivered within half an hour. Even if she had to use up all the resources she had, she must send the money to Darryl within the stipulated time as Darryl’s orders were like the imperial edicts to her!