The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 861

Read The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 861 – ‘Darryl…is back?’ At the same moment, Zoran and Susan looked at each other with both as shocked as the other.

‘Is that Darryl? H-he’s not d**d!’

At the same moment, thousands of the royal guards were also stunned. Especially the Eldest Prince with his icy glares.

“This man is the one who defended the World Universe with his life? The Darryl that used all of his might and made the New World Army’s conquest fail?’

A year ago, every sect was saying that Darryl had died. Who knew he was still alive!

The Eldest Prince’s pupils constricted with that thought in mind and gave out a strong m*******s fighting aura.

“Godfather!” Darryl shuddered with his reddened eyes.

He could see that the entire Carter family was in a terrible situation, especially his godfather and Auntie Susan who was bleeding profusely. The anger in Darryl kept rising.

“Godfather, I’m so sorry I came too late…” Darryl’s eyes were red as tears kept falling. ng. He hugged Zoran and choked.

When he heard the New World Royals were going to wipe out the Carter family, Darryl ran all the way back without any rest!

He did not expect that he was still a step too late!

It was like a stab to his heart as he could feel how weak Zoran was who could barely hold on anylonger. However, Zoran was inexplicably overjoyed upon hearing Darryl’s voice. He tightly held on to Darryl’s hand with his feebly smile and said, “Darryl, it’s !” you. It’s reallyyou! It’s really you!”

At every waking moment for the past year, Zoran had been imagining that Darryl was still alive! His dream came true at that moment as it really happened. Tears streaked down Zoran’s face. He would have no regrets even if he died at that moment!

“Godfather, don’t talk. You have to hold on. You must hold on.” Darryl wiped the tears from the corners of his eyes as he slowly stood up and looked behind.

Debra and Jewel stood behind Darryl.

“Debra,” Darryl softly called her. Debra stepped forward and looked into Darryl’s eyes.

“I want these men d**d.” Those fewicy words came out of Darryl’s mouth.

Debra nodded without saying a word and just flipped her petite wrist as a longsword appeared in her hand!


The air surrounding Debra became distorted as a golden flaming phoenix slowly appeared behind Debra!

This phoenix was clearly formed from internal energy. Everyone felt suffocated the moment the phoenix appeared.

The shimmering pure gold phoenix was almost 50 meters long without any other color mixture. The entire phoenix was in raging flames!


The phoenix rushed into the group of royal guards with a loud piercing cry. Everything the phoenix touched turned into charcoal! Even the ground was violently burnt.

“Ah!” Constant screams could be heard.

Debra had her longsword in hand as she walked wandering about amongst the New World Army as though she was performing the Swan Goose Dance! However, a few people would fall to the ground each time she lifted her sword.

Debra Gable, Artemis Sect Master Level Three Martial Emperor!

As a sect master, she would even dare battle a Level Four Martial Emperor if she went all out!

Although the royal guards overwhelmed her in numbers, no one could block her a****k!

“Ah…” The guards could not react in time and wailed in pain under Debra’s b****l attacks.

On the other side, Darryl did not help Debra because he knew Debra alone could handle the royal guards.

However, Darryl felt like his heart was stabbed at the moment upon looking at his godfather’s condition with blood everywhere as his tears intensely fell.

“Godfather, you have to hold on. Please hold on.” Darryl’s voice was hoarse as he sent waves of internal energy into Zoran’s body. However, Zoran was so badly injured that he was still immensely feeble even after being injected with Pure Energy.

“Darryl, I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry.” Tears and blood intermixed on Zoran’s face, but he still forced a smile and tightly held onto Darryl’s hand. “I’ve given birth to a filthy daughter. I’m so sorry to you. I’m so sorry, Darryl. I deserve to d*e. I deserve to d*e.”

Zoran cried terribly. An upright macho man crying intensely with tears all over his face! He even choked up when he spoke.

“Godfather, stop talking for now. I beg you to stop talking,” yelled Darryl as he pressed onto Zoran’s energy field with one hand and tried to inject internal energy into him.

Zoran’s lips at that moment were already white. He slowly lifted his hand, pointed to Rachel, and coldly said, “Come here you filth!”

“I…” Rachel shuddered. She did not know why her father suddenly called her and unconsciously trembled.

“I’m asking you to come here, scum. Come here now!” Zoran was emotionally tense. He was already hurt badly and when he suddenly tensed up, he was coughing fresh blood all over the floor.

“Dad…” Rachel quickly walked toward him and gently called him.

“Do not address me! I’m not your father!” Zoran roared as he pointed to Rachel and icily said, “Kneel.”

“I…” Rachel bit her lip hard.

“I’m asking you to kneel! Kneel and apologize to your godbrother now!” Zoran’s voice was hoarse while trembling with rage.