The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 858

Read The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 858 – “Ah!”

Zoran yelled as he grabbed a long sword and rushed toward the royal guards.

He knew the Carters would be destroyed at that instance. However, he would want to bring down a few royal guards even if they would be destroyed! At this stage, he could only fight desperately for his life as talking would be pointless.

“K**l!” The disciples of the Carters instantly started coming to their senses. They each unsheathed their weapons and fought back hard, However, there was a huge contrast in numbers with the New World royal guards having the upper hand as most of Carters’ disciples started falling to the ground.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

At that instance, weapons clashing sounds and people yelling voices rang through the entire Carter Mansion!

During the battle-Susan, Rachel, and Sara pulled out their longswords too.

At this moment, Rachel thought of her d**d nanny while fighting the royal guards. She was angry and remorseful as she said to Susan who was not far away from her, “Mom, I’m sorry. It’s my fault. I shouldn’t have taken the bead…”

Susan sighed and said in a conflicted tone. “What’s the use of saying this now? Let’s defend and protect the family first.” She then waved her longsword.

“Ah…” Two royal guards wailed in pain as they fell to the ground.

Susan was not powerful, but she was skilled in formations instead. However, there were close to ten thousand royal guards at that moment and her formations would not work!

She trembled. The Carters might be able to escape this if they could hide in the Peach Blossom Forest. However, the staggering number of the New World Army did not even give them a chance to escape toward the Peach Blossom Forest!

Zoran’s face turned ash grey and coldly said. “Rachel Carter. You caused all this trouble! Remember, from now onwards you are no daughter of mine!” His heart was icy-cold when he said that from his utter disappointment in his daughter.

“Dad!” Rachel shuddered upon hearing Zoran’s words from her sadness as her tears fell.

“K**l” At the same moment, dozens of royal guards yelled and rushed toward Zoran!

“You want to destroy us? Come!” Zoran showed no fear as he angrily roared and rushed forward to meet them.

The battle was getting more b****l. The difference between both parties was huge. However, the Carters were fighting with their lives at stake and k****d with reddened eyes for the sake of defending themselves.

The smell of blood was thick, as though there was a layer of blood fog in the surrounding air!

In less than 10 minutes, the Carters numbers were down by a half and even so, they continued fighting with their lives.

“How dare you k**l my family. All of you must d*e!”


Zoran roared as he slapped two royal guards away. His anger increased as he scanned his surroundings. He could see bodies of his disciples sprawling everywhere on the ground-d**d and injured, Fresh blood was all over the floor.

“I must k**l at least two more b*tches even if I d*e today!” Zoran said coldly.

The next moment, Zoran leaped in the air and lifted both his hands! Strong forceful energies erupted as a bolt of lightning could be seen in the night sky condensed around Zoran.

“Thunderous Catastrophe!” Zoran’s eyes were red as he roared, lifted his hands, and pointed toward the royal guards.


Striking blue lightning tore the night sky and came down with a rumbling sound-brutally hitting downward!


A few hundred royal guards wailed in pain and instantly fell to the ground under the terrifying lighting.

This was Zoran’s ultimate technique-the Thunderous Catastrophe.