The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 856

Read The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 856 – The maidservant’s forehead was sweating as she said, “This time the New World Army disguised themselves as fishermen coming from the New World, so no one noticed them!

“I’m afraid their current distance to the Carter mansion is less than ten minutes! received news that Miss Rachel and Mister Ewan might have taken something of importance from the New World Royals which made him furious so…”


Zoran slammed on the table before she could finish and was trembling with rage, “This two filth again!”

At that, Zoran said to the maidservant, “Go get Rachel!”

She immediately went upon feeling Zoran’s anger.

At that instant, Zoran’s previous suppressed anger toward Rachel came bubbling up as he looked at Susan and angrily said. “You see? That two filth are causing troubles. They first k****d Darryl then now ended up offending the New World Royals. I really don’t understand what’s so good about Ewan. Why are you so pleased with him that you agreed for him to be your son-in-law!”

“I…” Susan’s face flushed. She was unable to retort and could only smile bitterly and comfort Zoran, “Ok, ok. Don’t get too worked up. Let’s ask them and clear things up. We’ll just return it to them if Rachel really took something from the New World.”

Rachel and Sara came in just as she said that with both of them laughing, especially Rachel. She was inexplicably elated as she was going to marry Ewan tomorrow.

However, Rachel kept her smile the moment they stepped into the living hall before she timidly asked Zoran. “Dad, I heard you’re looking for me…” She could feel Zoran’s anger.


Zoran did not bother saying anything as he stepped forward and suddenly slapped Rachel hard.

Rachel could not react in time and fell to the floor with a red handprint imprinted on her delicate face.

“You filth! Tell me honestly, what did you take from the New World Royals?” Zoran furiously asked Rachel with his hoarse voice.

The thought of Darryl’s d***h caused by her had long infuriated him and he had been unable to restrain his anger. He was even more furious at that moment since she offended the New World Royals.

“Why are you hitting your child?” Susan was angry and stomped her feet.

Rachel touched her cheek feeling aggrieved. “Dad, What are you talking about? Why will take things from the New World Royals…” Her tears started falling at that.

“Are you going to tell me or not?” Zoran was completely livid. “The New World Army is marching to our doorstep right now!”


Rachel shuddered and was stunned.

Could it be… Could it be the Dzi Bead from the Heavenly Earth Altar?

As Rachel thought, she started to panic and softly said, “Previously, Ewan and I went to the Heavenly Earth Altar and took a bead before leaving.”

Zoran was so angry almost vomited blood upon hearing her words. “We’re so unlucky! So unfortunate! Why do I have a daughter like you?”

“Dad!” Rachel was also panicking and started crying, “Dad, why are you yelling at me? You haven’t spoken to me in a year all because of Darryl, He’s merely an outsider. but I’m your daughter!”

Rachel’s tears fell after speaking, “Yes, I took a bead from the New World, but it’s only a broken bead! It’s nothing precious! I’ll just return it to them, so why are you yelling at me!?”