The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 854

Read The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 854 – Meanwhile, at the bottom of a volcano crater in the New World.

Darryl sat on the jade platform with his legs crossed. Debra Gable and Jewel remained silently by his side: both of them could not hide the excitement on the faces.

It had been a whole year.

They could feel that Darryl had created a unique cultivation method!


Suddenly. Darryl opened his eyes: a frightening aura raged through them!

He had reached Level One Martial Emperor!

Then, Darryl stood up and slowly lifted his arms, and the air surrounding him distorted! Black circles of holes formed and caused an enormous rumble!

With Darryl as the midpoint within a radius of hundreds of kilometers, the earth shook and trembled inexplicably. The entire volcano rumbled as countless small rocks rained on them!

The magnitude of the quake rendered one unsteady on their feet.

After a while, Darryl let out a long breath as he slowly opened his eyes. Then, the earth’s trembles stopped.

“Mister, you’re amazing!” Jewel was excited: she hugged Darryl.

Debra shook as well. There was only joy in her eyes as she looked at Darryl.

“What will you call this cultivation method. Darryl?” Debra asked.

Darryl smiled. He was silent for a while before he said, “Let’s call it the Thousand Calamities.”

“The Thousand Calamities?”

Jewel clapped and said, “That’s a great name!”

Debra nodded as well. Then, she said pressingly, “Quick! Show us this cultivation method, Darry!”

“Sure!” Darryl chuckled. He lowered his energy field and prepared to release the Thousand Calamities.

However, Darryl was surprised when he could not deliver that cultivation method no matter how hard he tried!

“What’s happening?” Darryl’s mind buzzed. He had researched and studied intensely on it for so long! It was an arduous process to create that method: why could he not use it?

“I-” Darryl tried so many times until he sweated profusely. “What’s happening? Why can’t I use this method?”

“Don’t panic, Darryl.” Debra took a step forward and explained slowly, “I remember an ancient book that I had read. It stated that certain methods could not be released or used at any time as the cultivator pleases. Some of these methods can only be used when the cultivator is stimulated or excited.”

“What?” Darryl was speechless.

‘F*k! I’ve secluded myself for such a long time to create the Thousand Calamities, and yet I could only use it when I’m stimulated? F*k!’ Darryl thought.

He sighed and asked slowly, “How long have we been in here?”

He had been deeply engrossed in that unique cultivation method’s creation that he had forgotten about time.

Debra thought for a while before he said, “A year, perhaps.” She was a meticulous person. so she had taken note of every single sun and moon movement.

“What? A year?I’ Darry\’s heart jumped: “I thought it had only been a month: I didn’t realize so much time had passed by!

Darryl took a deep breath before he turned to Debra and Jewel and said, “Alright, this honeymoon is over. We should head home now: hold onto me tightly.”

Darryl was already a Martial Emperor, and it was a massive difference to a Martial Saint! He could even carry the two women with him as they left.

Jewel hugged Darryl tightly.

Debra’s face flushed, but she hugged her arms around Darryl’s waist as well.


Darryl’s Internal Energy immediately surged as he soared toward the sky and flew!

Within minutes, they had flown to the top of the volcano crater.


The moment his feet touched the ground. Darryl was inexplicably excited. He let out a long breath.

A whole year had passed.

The air outside was fresh and crisp.

Darryl smiled as he scanned his surroundings: he was excited and spirited!

“Mister. we’re finally up here again!” Jewel was also extremely excited.

Darryl smiled. He looked at the New World’s Royal City nearby and said, “Let’s head to the Royal City.”

‘It has been a year, Yvonne, Monica, are you two still well? I’m on my way to find the both of you.’

At that thought. Darryl increased his pace.

A year had passed: the Royal City remained busy and bustling.

It was quite different from their trip about a year ago. That was when the Nine Mainland’s strongest had flocked to the Royal City to get news about the Grand Weapon. However. they did not succeed, and they had returned to their homeland ever since then.

It was already afternoon when those three reached Royal City.

The spiritual aura at the bottom of the volcano crater was thick and rich, so they did not need to eat nor drink to survive. However, once they left it, Darryl felt thirsty and hungry.

So they found a restaurant and ordered a table of delicious dishes.

The sun was high up: it was mid-noon. It was a famous restaurant with many customers.

As Darryl sat down, he overheard a few men and women as they chatted at a table next to his.

“Have you heard? The Carters’ daughter from the World Universe stole the Dzi bead from the Heavenly Earth Altar. The emperor is so furious that he ordered the family to be k****d!

“They deserved it! The Dzi bead is so important to us! The Carters deserve to be k****d!”

“Yes. I heard that the eldest prince is leading a troop to the World Universe. I’m sure the Carter family will be destroyed soon.”

Darryl shuddered when he heard that.

“Waiter, bill!” Darryl fished out some money and left it on the table. Then he led Debra and lewel out of the restaurant swiftly.

The Carters were to be destroyed?

No. he had to go back! For the sake of his godfather, he has to go back! His parents were also at the Carters!

Meanwhile, at the Carters in the World Universe’s Mid City.

The traffic in the entire Mid City was at a halt. The traffic was horrible: there were cars everywhere. For the past few days, Mid City’s streets were filled with luxury cars from foreign cities. It was all because of the Carter family’s eldest daughter’s wedding! Those cars belonged to their guests!

The Carter family’s mansion was decorated festively: it looked like everyone was in a celebratory mood.

Rachel Carter and Ewan White’s big wedding day would take place the next day!