The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 851

Read The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 851 – Even though Ambrose was not his biological child, he was such a good kid -how could he not like him?

There was a hint of reminiscence on Monica’s face as she thought about that.

She knew that Darryl had been d**d for a year, and he would never appear in her life again. Still, she did not know why her heart would ache whenever Ambrose addressed Kenny as his father.

She lifted her head to look at the white clouds in the blue sky as she contemplated that.

‘Darryl, I wanted to be with you forever. But who knew that fate has a different destiny for us. If you can hear me from heaven, please watch over our child. Let him grow up healthily and be a hero someday, just like you did.’

Meanwhile, at the Palace Hall in the New World’s Royal City.

The New World Emperor sat expressionless on his dragon throne.

His officials stood on both sides, just beneath the throne.

It was an important day-the emperor had decided to a****k the World Universe once again.

Their previous a****k had failed, and it had caused significant damage to their vitality. After a year of training and cultivation, their strength had improved. Darryl Darby was also d**d, so they would definitely be able to conquer the World Universe!

“Your Majesty, I suggest we send the troops out to conquer the World Universe tomorrow!”

“Your Majesty, I think we should think about the long-haul. Let’s discuss warfare strategies, and then we can send the troops there a month later.”

Each official had their own opinions, so it was a heated discussion. Some thought they should immediately send the troops, while some thought they should wait a little while longer.

None of them could come to an agreement in that discussion in the main palace hall.

The emperor frowned as he lifted his hand to silence them. Then he turned to Sloan and asked, “Sloan, my Warrior Goddess, what are your thoughts?”

Sloan said plainly, “We can send the troops there anytime. And this time, we shall defeat them.’ One could see the confidence in her eyes.

At the same time, the Country Secretary approached them slowly before he said respectfully, “Your Majesty, I don’t think it matters when you send the troops out. I would suggest that we arrange a worship ceremony at the Heavenly Earth Altar first! It is still not too late to send the troops after we’ve done that.”

“Yes!” The emperor nodded. “We didn’t give our prayers to heaven when we first attacked the World Universe. This time, I must go to Heavenly Earth Altar, and give my prayers to our ancestors and heaven! They shall protect my troops and me. We will win at every battle, and we shall conquer the World Universe!”

“All hail His Majesty, our emperor!” The officials knelt as they praised him.

The New World Emperor laughed and stood up from his dragon throne. He waved as he said, “Follow me to the Heavenly Earth Altar! We’ll offer our prayers there!”

“Yes, Your Majesty!” they replied in unison.

The emperor led the officials and several thousand royal guards to the Heavenly Earth Altar.

At three-quarters past noon, the New World Emperor stepped toward the altar with three joss sticks in his hands.

The moment he stepped onto the platform, his expressions darkened.

The Dzi bead that was supposed to be on the platform was missing. What had happened?

That bead was the altar’s most crucial element. It was taken from the previous emperor’s crown!

In the New World, no one was more important than the emperor! The only thing that he could have on his head was a crown, and the Dzi bead would be on the top of his crown.

The New World’s inhabitants were a superstitious bunch. They believed that when the emperor died, his soul would remain in the Dzi bead. The missing Dzi bead had belonged to the previous emperor. It had not only been placed at Heavenly Earth Altar for prayers but as a way to commemorate him.

However, that Dzi bead was gone, and it was a serious matter. Who could have been so bold to have stolen it?