The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 848

Read The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 848 – Rachel and Ewan hugged each other intimately; they loved each other so much!

It was almost winter; the cold breeze caused everyone to have goosebumps.

Rachel was frightened. “Ewan, let’s go. This place is so empty, and there is not a single person here. I am scared. We should not have come here for our date; this place is so creepy.”

Ewan laughed loudly. “Don’t worry; this is the place where the New World Emperor worshipped the sky and earth. No will come here, of course, it is empty.”

Ewan’s eyes looked at the altar nearby.

The altar was made of pure white jade, and the frame was made of pure gold; it looked so grand!

A jade pearl the size of an egg was in the middle of the altar. The pearl was emerald in color, and it had an attractive shine; it lit the entire area brightly.

“What is that pearl?”

Ewan was curious, too. He walked toward it.

Once he reached the altar, Ewan lifted the pearl and carefully looked at it; he was surprised to see such a beautiful thing. The pearl was engraved with a dragon, and it had spiritual energy as well.

Ewan realized that the pearl’s spiritual energy was beneficial for one’s cultivation!

If one were to wear it all the time, it would expedite one’s cultivation speed multiple times!

He wanted to laugh.

No wonder the Emperor wanted to worship at that place; it was such a good treasure!

Ewan took the pearl without any hesitation and put it into his pocket before he took Rachel’s hand. “We are fortunate today, Rachel. We came to such a creepy place, but we found a treasure. This pearl is for you.”

“Yes!” Rachel nodded excitedly; she was so happy.

Then, someone yelled from somewhere nearby.

“How dare you! Who are you? How dare you break into the New World Altar? Trespassers shall be executed!”

They followed the voice and saw a royal guard run toward them!

Ewan was shocked, but he realized it was too late to run! He took his long blade, and with one hand on Rachel’s wrist, he attacked the royal guard. He left a blood trail as they fled the New World Altar.


Meanwhile, at the bottom of the volcano crater.

Darryl had batted the White Lily Cold Flame for five days and nights!

Over that period, Darryl did not slow down at all. He used pure internal energy and kept himself at his best.

Jewel and Debra did their best to guard him.

Finally, on the sixth morning, Daryl suddenly roared; his pure internal energy had finally absorbed the White Lily Cold Flame!


Darryl looked at the sky and roared. His entire body had been badly burnt for five days; the pain was horrible!

Finally, he had defeated the White Lily Cold Flame; he had absorbed it entirely!

Darryl opened his eyes, and two rays exploded from them. Two flames b****d lively in his eyes.


At the same time, his body released scary energy that covered the entire bottom volcano!

Level Five Martial Saint!

After he absorbed the White Lily Cold Flame, Darryl had been upgraded to a Level Five Martial Saint in the blink of an eye!

Darryl laughed.

He did not expect that he would get such a great benefit after he absorbed the White Lily Cold Flame!

His hard work for the past five days and nights had not gone to waste. Darryl was incredibly excited!

“Wow, Mister, you have made it!”

Jewel could not cover her excitement. She rushed toward Darryl and hugged him. She was happy and impressed. “Mister, you are so great!”

Debra’s bodyshook emotionally. She looked at Darryl with great surprise and happiness!

He did it; he really did it! He had absorbed the enchanted flame! He had absorbed the White Lily Cold Flame!

‘I picked the right man; there is nothing this man cannot do.’

As she thought about it, Debra smiled at Darryl, “You are so great!”

Darry laughed aloud as he hugged both the ladies into his arms. After a while, he sighed and said, “What is the use even if I have absorbed the White Lily Cold Flame? We are still trapped here.”

He was right. Even with Darryl’s capability, it was impossible for them to ascend the volcano crater with the Celestial Swordsmanship.

‘It would be perfect if I had brought the godly pill. I just needed a godly pill to achieve Level One Martial Emperor!’

Darryl sighed as he sat down cross- legged and started to cultivate. He hoped he would be upgraded to Level One Martial Emperor soon!

Without the godly pill, it would be challenging to upgrade from Level Five Martial Saint to Martial Emperor. It might take him a few years, more than ten years, or even a lifetime!

To leave the place, he could only continue to cultivate and hoped that he would be upgraded soon.

For the next few days, Darryl worked hard with his cultivation. He had nothing to do in the volcano anyway.

The next afternoon, Darryl was tired when he completed his cultivation. He asked Jewel to massage his shoulders and Debra to massage his legs.

Jewel was willing to do so naturally. She put her soft hands on Darryl’s shoulder and started to massage him gently.

Debra laughed. “Even though we are trapped in this volcano, at least there Jewel and I are here to serve you. Any other man would be willing to be trapped here as well.”

“Gently, please.”‘ Darryl sighed as he shook his shoulders.

‘If I had no worries, I would be willing to be trapped here too, but I have too many concerns. I still do not know how Yvonne and Monica are doing.’

When he thought about that, Darryl’s head started to ache. He sighed and shut his eyes as he enjoyed those two ladies’ massages.

Debra and Jewel sensed Darryl’s worry, so they did not say anything else.

Moments later, Jewel cleared her throat. As she massaged Darryl’s shoulders, she started to sing softly.

“What a wonderful dream, the tears in the corner of my eyes are still there when I wake up…”