The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 842

Read The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 842 – Meanwhile, at the bottom of the volcano crater.

The spiritual energy there was very intense. After a day of cultivation, Darryl’s internal energy had recovered completely.

However, his face was filled with disappointment as he laid on the white jade platform. The volcano cave was too deep. and the temperature surrounding was too hot: it consumed his internal energy quickly. Even if Darryl were to use the Celestial Swordsmanship, he was afraid that he would not be able to climb up.

They did not even need to eat or drink as the spiritual energy was just too intense.

The two ladies surrounded Darryl. Jewel massaged his legs while Debra massaged his shoulders.

Even though Debra was the Artemis Sect’s Sect Master, she turned extremely gentle and caring ever since she followed Darryl. Her soft hands pressed on his shoulder: Darryl felt so comfortable as if he was in heaven.

“Mister, as long as I can serve you every day, I am willing to stay here forever if we cannot leave this place,” Jewel said softly.

“You are a silly girl.” Darryl patted her head: his face was filled with love. The little girl was too adorable.


Suddenly, they heard a loud noise of vibration. The lava under the jade white platform continued to boil intensely.


Was the volcano about to erupt?

Darryl was afraid, but he turned to take a look. He was immediately stunned.

He saw a ball of white flame as it slowly emerged from the lava!

The white flames looked extraordinarily clear!

It was the size of a basketball, and it jumped on top of the lava as if it had spiritual energy.

Darryl realized that after the white flame appeared, the temperature around them had immediately dropped!

The ball of white flame had absorbed the lava’s heat!


“Why is the ball of flame white?” Darryl asked. He was still shocked.

Debra’s body shook. It was a while before she said, “Darryl, it looks like the enchanted flame!”

Debra stared at the ball of white flame: she felt emotional!

Enchanted flame? Darryl was stunned.

Jewel asked, “Sister Debra, what is an enchanted flame?”

Debra sighed gently before she explained. “The enchanted flame is not the same as an ordinary flame. Its temperature was ten times or even hundreds of times higher than an ordinary flame. There are hundreds of types of enchanted flame. For example, the Three Samadhi Fire. the Six Ding Enchantment Flame and others.”

Darryl took a deep breath. One of the myths in the World Universe mentioned that when the Supreme Venerable Sovereign trapped the Monkey King under the elixir pot, the pot’s flame was the Six Ding Enchantment Flame.

The legendary Red Boy of the Fiery Mountain could shoot the Three Samadhi Fire!

“Then what about this ball of white flame? What type of enchanted flame is it?” Darryl continued to ask.

Debra bit her lips tightly as she answered. “There is a list of enchanted flame, and it records hundreds of types of enchanted flame. The Three Samadhi Fire was the fifth from the top, while the Six Ding Enchantment Flame is on the eleventh spot!”

Debra looked at Darryl and said softly, “If l am not wrong, the white flame is the first name on that enchanted flame list-the White Lily Cold Flame!”

Darryl’s mind spun!

The first name on the enchanted flame list- the White Lily Cold Flame?

“The White Lily Cold Flame got its name due to the cold nature of the flame. It has no temperature, and hence it was called the Cold Flame.” Debra explained softly. “However, it can a****b other flame’s heat. After absorbing the heat, its own heat would turn really scary! It is a flame’s natural enemy, Oh, yes, some enchanted flame has spirit energy: it may a****k humans!”

Darryl was stunned: he looked at the White Lily Cold Flame.

Jewel was beside him, and her face was full of curiosity.

The White Lily Cold Flame leapt in the air for a while before it disappeared into the lava.

Darryl and the rest did not mind it. No matter the White Lily Cold Flame’s power, as long as it did not approach the white jade platform, it would not be able to harm them.