The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 839

Read The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 839 – “D**n it! Do you know what you’ve doone?!” Zoran roared as he pointed at Rachel: he was furious!

Zoran had made a trip to the volcano crater. He had heard a Beggars Sect disciple say that he saw Ewan and Rachel lured Darryl to the volcano crater. They tried to ambush Darryl, but they were not successful. Then they instigated the Emei Sect to a****k Darryl. One could say that his elder daughter was the one who caused Darryl’s fall into the volcano!

Rachel’s face paled as she faced her father’s wrath. However, she still replied stubbornly, “That’s right, I did it. I used Emei Sect’s Sect Master’s hand to k**l Darryl, but was I wrong? I would not have k****d him if you did not force me to marry him. I don’t want to marry Darryl: he deserved to d*e!”

Rachel shouted the last sentence.

The entire room was silent.

A few moments after that, Sara broke into tears. She looked at Rachel unbelievably, “Why, Sister? Why would you harm Brother Darryl? Why?”

“He deserved to d*e!” Rachel replied coldly.


Zoran suddenly stood up and slapped Rachel on her face.

The slap represented Zoran’s uncontrollable anger!

Rachel dropped a few steps back into the wall behind her. Her unique face had a blood- red hand mark!

“B*****d! I have been wise my entire life, so how could I have raised a b*****d like you?!” Zoran had tears in his eyes: he was enraged. “You caused your g*d brother’s d***h! How could you do such an evil thing? Who are you if not a b*****d?!”


Zoran drew his long sword and walked toward Rachel. His whole body shook in anger. “Apologize to your godbrother when you see him in the afterlife!”

Then he aimed the long sword at Rachel’s chest!

Rachel was stunned: her face paled, and her legs weakened. She had never expected her father would want to k**l her because of Darryl. She was his biological daughter, yet she was no match for his godson?

“Calm down, Zoran! Calm down!” Susan went to stand in front of her eldest daughter to block the a****k. She stood there with her arms wide open.

She knew that Zoran was devastated with Darryl’s d***h, but that action would not bring him back. It was not necessary to sacrifice their eldest daughter to repay her sin!

“Gest lost!” Zoran roared.

Susan’s body shook as her eyes shone with tears, She said softly, “Zoran, Rachel is still young, she is not mature enough, and so, she made this huge mistake. You can punish her however you’d like, but please don’t act impulsively. You have to give her a chance to change, Please?”

“Give her a chance? Then who can give Darryl a chance? Who? Darryl is d**d!” Zora’s anger would not subside.

“A life for a life, and that is fair! Even though she did not k**l Darryl with her own hands. Darryl was d**d because of her. I have always been fair and just. No one would be able to accept the fact that my daughter had committed such a sin! Get lost!”

Susan was worried, so she immediately hugged Zoran’s arm. “Fine, if you want to k**l someone, then k**l me!”

Susan shut her eyes and raised her chest.


Zoran’s chest was tight: he could not speak due to his anger. He felt the blood energy boiled in his body, and a mouthful of fresh blood sprayed from his lips. The wall was covered with red blood! Zoran rubbed the blood from his lips as he stared coldly at Rachel.

“Why are you still standing here, Rachel? Leave quickly!” Susan said as she held onto her husband’s arm tightly.

Her eldest daughter was a stubborn person. She still did not run in that situation.

Rachel tried to gather her thoughts. She looked at Susan with tears before she turned around and rushed out of the room.

Susan only released her hands when she felt that her daughter had run far enough.


Zoran was still furious: he cried as he threw the long sword into the sky!