The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 833

Read The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 833 – “Where are Dax and Brother Chester? How are they?” he asked loudly. Darryl was so worried that he started to sweat.

“Their conditions are critical,” Rachel said softly; she was shy and dared not look at Darryl. “I know where they are; I can bring you there.”

“Great, we’ll leave now.” Darryl nodded.

“Mister, I will go with you…”

“Darryl, I am coming too.”

Two voices echoed from behind him- they were Debra and Jewel.

Darryl nodded but did not say a word. So, Rachel led the way, and she took them to the volcano crater.

Along the journey, Darryl was distraught. He continued to rush Rachel to move faster.

Rachel was furious when he rushed her, but she appeared agreeable.

Finally, they arrived at the crater’s entrance.

As Darry stood there, he was amazed by the scene in front of him.

The volcano crater was huge-its diameter was more than ten-kilometer wide! The depth was beyond one’s imagination. He could also see the boiling lava in the crater.

“Where are Dax and Chester?” Darryl asked impatiently.

Rachel pointed toward the volcano crater in front of her. “Right there.”

Darryl rushed toward the edge of the crater without any hesitation. He looked around with furrowed brows, but there was no sign of Dax and Chester.

“Where are they?” Darryl turned and asked hurriedly.

Then, a shadow appeared and charged toward him quickly.

“D*e, Darry!”

It was Ewan. He had hidden at the place for quite some time. Then he appeared and hit Darryl’s back with his fist!

That happened too suddenly, so Darryl had no time to react.

Even though Ewan was not very powerful, Darryl still took a few steps backward from the hit and dropped straight into the crater!

‘Rachel, Ewan! That despicable couple! Sh*t, they fooled me!’

Darryl was shocked and furious; he was upset too. However, he could not stop his body from plunging into the crater.

He almost hit the lava, so he had no time to think. Darryl called for his Blood Drinking Sword and used the Celestial Swordsmanship to hit the volcano’s walls.


Darryl relied on the energy from the reflection to rise!

However, the lava’s temperature was extremely high, so Darryl consumed his internal energy really quickly.



Debra and Jewel shouted as they rushed to the edge of the crater.

“You-” Jewel glared at Rachel as she shouted and cried. “How could you be so vicious! He is your godbrother; how can you set him up to d*e?”

Jewel’s face was full of tears.

Rachel smiled coldly and said, “I have no other choice. My father forced me to marry him. I will lose my happiness if he doesn’t d*e.”

Rachel got very emotional; she fell into Ewan’s arms. Both of them smiled happily.

A few moments later, their smiles diminished.

They saw Darryl waved his Blood Drinking Sword as he flew upward from the crater.

What? How could that be possible?